Ojos Que No Ven (Eyes that don't See) (2003)




Director:  Francisco J. Lombardi. 

Cast:  Gianfranco Brero (Coronel Hector Revoredo), Gustavo Bueno (Federico PeZaflor), Patricia Pereyra (Elena), Paul Vega (Gonzalo), Melania Urbina (Mercedes), Carlos Alcántara (Martín Chauca), Carlos Gassols (Don Lucho), Miguel Iza (Antonio Polanco), Jorge Rodríguez Paz (Don Victor), Jackelyne Vásquez (Eva), Tatiana Astengo (Angelica), Sandro Calderón (Rodolfo).

troubles under Japanese-Peruvian President Fujimoro of Peru


Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire movie. 

An older man named Víctor watches a piece of video about corrupt politicians on the television from his hospital bed.  He complains to his next-bed neighbor and the nurses that the politician sold out for a lousy 15 thousand dollars.  He adds that this is the end of Fujimori (the president of Peru) and Montesinos (head of the armed forces).  But his neighbor, Mr. Lucho, says that Fujimoro and his government will not fall.  Referring to the television video of Fujimoi, Lucho says "Look how the people love him." 

Fujimori speaks to the nation on television.  He says he will launch an investigation to determine those responsible for the corruption.  Fujimori also announces a few changes.  The National Intelligence Service will be deactivated and general elections will be called.  He adds that he will not take part in the general elections.   Víctor asks about Montesinos and what should happen to this corrupt politician. 

Víctor's granddaughter's Mercedes comes in to visit him.  She shows off the flute that she was able to borrow.  Now she can practice at home.  The new neighbors continue to argue politics.  Lucho says that the problems really started in 1945 with Bustamente who governed with the APRA.   Then there was Velasco and recently Alan García. 

An almost classic nerd, Rodolfo, watches the dubbed American film "All About Eve".  He knows some of the dialogue by heart and talks aloud along with the actors.  He is in love with the teenager Eva in whose mother's house he lives.  Rodolfo is suffering from delusions.  Eva insults him constantly, but he interprets this as signs of love. 

Motesinos is sent into exile to Panama.  Lucho tells Víctor that Fujimoro was great because he controlled inflation and beat terrorism.  The news also says there will be revisions of the trials against soldiers accused of crimes against human rights. 

The wife of Colonel Revoredo asks him whether or not he got the promotion promised him.. With all the political turmoil, she wonders if he will get the promotion. 

Amnesty was declared in July of 1995 and the "Colina Group" was not convicted.  (The Colina Group executed 9 students and a professor from La Cantuta University is July of 1992.)   The news says the Motesinos interference in the Justice Department should also be investigated.

Chauca works for a boss who is a real tough guy.  He tells his boss that the Colonel will have to help them out.  The boss replies that the Colonel will just say that he knew nothing.  He then curses the "communist" Palanco. 

Palanco uncovers a skull at the mass grave.  An Indian woman rushes to him and cries that the skeleton is that of her son.  His wife Elena calls him to tell him that she has just received another telephone threat that she will be killed.  Palanco does not validate her fears.  Instead, he just dismisses the harassment as empty threats.  Elena becomes so mad at her husband that she hangs up on him.  

After less than thirty days in exile, Montesinos returns to Lima with the government's approval.  He is conjectured that he may takes advantage of the amnesty.  Chauca and his boss are very happy about Montesinos's return. 

The handsome newsman Gonzalo covers the news as the anchor.  He acknowledges that the news network cannot be too hard on the Peruvian government and Fujimoro.  (Many TV station owners take money from the government.)  Fujimoro declares Montesinos a fugitive from justice.  The government starts arresting military officers connected with Montesinos, who has gone into hiding. 

Montesinos's big-time lawyer gives an official in the justice department a lot of money to interfere in a court case.  Apparently he wants to buy off the District Attorney.  Rodolfo brings the two men coffee. 

It has become common knowledge that agents from the National Intelligence Service infiltrated Toledo's march against the government so they could cause problems.  The agents planned the fire at the National Bank and hired criminals to do the work.  They wanted to provoke death and destruction and blame it on the march leaders. 

A small boy yells to Mercedes that they are arresting her father.  It seems he is accused of being one of those who started the fire at the National Bank.  Before he is taken away, he tells the recently arrived Mercedes to call his lawyer (the one for Montesinos). 

Montesinos's lawyer sits in his car watching the young school girls in their uniforms.  He seems to have a "thing" for young girls in school uniforms.  Mercedes goes to the lawyer's office to ask for help.  The lawyer, however, is not there.  Instead he is at a house of prostitution.  He picks a woman and has her dress in a school girl's uniform.  He tells her not to speak, not to do anything.  He starts to caress and undress her. 

The news mentions that the Colonel has been retired from service along with a lot of other suspect officers.  Also on the news is the report about Antonio Polanco and the mass graves.  The D.A. allowed the exhumations.  There are about twenty skeletons in the grave yard. 

The Colonel's wife asks him if he was in the Colinas Group.  No answer. 

Caucha has a girlfriend named Angelica who does the make-up for Gonzalo and others at the news station.  They go dancing at a disco place.  Gonzalo has a fight with his actress girlfriend.  At home Eva dances and Rodolfo sits quietly watching her, loving every second of it. 

Palanco's wife Elena calls him.  A little after the call, she hears glass break and goes to check it out.  Caucha's boss grabs Elena and throws her on the coach.  Elena really fights him and so he uses his fist to knock her unconscious.  The boss then shows up where Caucha and Angelica are drinking at a bar. 

Montesino's lawyer has sex with another prostitute.  Víctor's leg has gotten worse.  The doctors may have to amputate.  The news says ithat $48 million dollars were found in Swiss banks. 

In the morning, Elena goes jogging.  She sees a man watching the house (it is Caucha).  She jogs faster.  She is really upset and ends up running in the middle of one of the road lanes.  The distracted Colonel hits her with his car.  He then takes her to the hospital.  He wants to leave quickly, but the doctor won't let him.  He has to provide some information about the accident.     

Montesinos's lawyer keeps avoiding all calls and inquiries, frustrating Mercedes.  So one day she decides to wait all day if necessary to speak to the lawyer.  The lawyer finally comes out.  When he sees the 16-year old Mercedes, a pretty school girl, he is immediately interested in her case, speaks with her and offers her all kinds of help and other assistance.  He says he will ask the judge to release her dad. 

Gonzalo the news anchor is very worried about a mark on his face that seems to be getting bigger.  His co-workers tell him to go to the doctor to check it out, but he delays.

On the news is the announcement that the opposition has voted to dismiss the president of the congress, Fujimoro's last stronghold.   

Víctor has his leg amputated.  He now has to use crutches.  Elena is in the same hospital as Víctor and Lucho.  The good news is that she will recover, but she lost her baby.  She is upset and extremely depressed about her life.  She tells the visiting Colonel:  "I want to die."  But all the Colonel seems worried about is whether or not she is going to accuse him of anything. 

Fujimoro resigns.  Then his ministers resign.  Víctor now hopes that Alan García will become the new president.  The Colonel visits Elena again.  He asks her if she is going to charge him with anything.  She simply says that she does not care. 

Caucha tells his boss that they have been dumped by Fujimoro and Montesinos.  The boss tells Caucha that Jupiter is the man in charge and that Caucha has to get a car and be the driver for a job they have to do.  Since Caucha will have to use his own money now, he is not to happy about the assignment. 

The news on the television is of the corruption network set up by Montesinos to control the entire country.  Congressmen, television station owners, businessmen and military officers were all involved in this corrupt organization.  Montesinos's corrupt lawyer talks with Judge Rendón.  He threatens him if he does not cooperate and tells him that Montesinos will greatly appreciate his loyalty. 

Palanco wants to soothe his wife's hurt feelings and fears so he returns home.  Caucha's boss comes up behind him and shoots him dead.  The boss then puts the body in the trunk of the car driven by Caucha. 

The new president appointed by congress is Valentín Paniagua.  He will govern until July 28.  His main job will be to call for new elections. 

Montesinos's lawyer watches Mercedes at the hospital.  He then helps her buy the necessary medicine for her grandfather.  Later he gives her some extra money.  Mercedes cries and hugs the lawyer in gratitude for his help.  The doctors know that Elena is now healthy, but they are worried about her mental state.

Eva desperately wants to go to the concert with her girlfriend.  Knowing this, Rodolfo secretly buys two of the concert tickets.  When the day of the concert arrives and Eva still has no ticket, Rodolfo comes to her rescue.  He shows her the tickets and asks her if she will go with him.  Eva agrees but only to get the tickets.  She detests Rodolfo. 

Caucha's boss is arrested.  The news reveals that he was a member of the Colinas Group.  He has already told the police that he is willing to inform on the paramilitary group.  Caucha is mad and very scared.  He runs over to the party for Gonzalo which his girlfriend is attending.  Gonzalo has not yet arrived for the party.  He is busy examining his face in the mirror and worrying about cancer.  Caucha arrives and tells Angelica that they have to leave Peru.  His plan is to travel to Ecuador and from there fly to Canada.  Angelica demands to know what this is all about, but Caucha won't tell her.  She goes with him. 

The Colonel drives Elena from the hospital.  He asks her the name and address of someone she will be staying with.  But she only says that there is no one.  So the Colonel tells her that he can't just drop her on the streets.  Instead he takes her, against her will, to his beach house. 

At the concert, Eva jumps on the stage and grabs and kisses one of the boy singers.  She is forcefully removed from the stage.  She then proceeds to get drunk.  Eva leaves the concert and walks home with Rodolfo following her. 

Gonzalo finally arrives at his party.  But he soon says that he does not feel well and leaves for home. 

Montesinos's lawyer pays a visit to Mercedes's house.  She is surprised to see him.  He tells her that he just wants to ask her about how her grandfather is holding up.  Later the lawyer arranges for Mercedes to see her father.  Eva's brother is put in the same hospital where Elena stayed and where Victor and Lucho still stay. 

Caucha and Angelica have sex on the bus on the way to Ecuador.  At the border, a man recognizes Caucha and tells him there is a warrant for his arrest.  Caucha asks him to look the other way and he does so.  The man tells Caucha to try Bolivia where the standards are not so strict. 

Gonzalo sees the doctor at the public hospital and learns that the doctor wants to remove the nodule and take a biopsy the next morning. 

Mercedes's father is charged with starting the fire at the National Bank.  Angelica sees the news about Caucha's boss and his connection to the Colinas Group.  When she next sees Caucha, she slaps him in the face.  She calls him a murderer.  But she still does not leave him. 

Montesinos's lawyer tries to give Judge Fonseco some bribe money for the case dealing with the father of Mercedes.  But Fonseco wants nothing to do with the evil lawyer. 

The news announces that Palenco's body has been found at the public garbage dump.  They say that he was working on the Santa mass graves.  The Colonel hears his name mentioned when the news report says that they think Elena is also dead.  Angelica asks Caucha if he was involved with the Santa incident.  Caucha says nothing. 

Gonzalo leaves his job for a while.  He has the nodule removed.  He is not to get it wet or expose it to the sun.  He becomes a bit of a recluse and won't even answer the phone or the door when his girlfriend tries to contact him.  Montesinos is warned by his bribe man at the Department of Justice that a warrant has been issued for his arrest.  The lawyer decides he will fly to Miami the next morning.  He tells his secretary to find and bring Mercedes to his office. 

Elena hears the news on the radio that her husband has been killed.  Now she is even more depressed and upset.

Mercedes arrives to speak to the lawyer.  He tells her that her father will be out of jail in the morning.  He puts a date-rape type pill in a glass of champagne and virtually forces Mercedes to drink it. 

On the news it is revealed that Alan García has also been caught on video involved with corruption. 

Rodolfo suddenly shows up at the hospital dressed in a nice suit.  He gives Eva's mother some chocolates and Eva some roses.  Eva rejects the flowers.  But when Rodolfo gives the mother some money, Eva's attitude changes.  She tells Rodolfo that he is the greatest. 

Angelica finally tires of running from the authorities.  She tells Caucha that it is over.  She hails down a bus, gets on it and leaves Caucha behind. 

Mercedes falls asleep.  The lawyer takes off her shoes and socks.  Then he gets on top of her.  He starts kissing her.  The next morning we see Mercedes and the lawyer asleep on the office couch.  The lawyer wakes up and discovers that both he and Mercedes have blood all over them.  The lawyer takes Mercedes to the public hospital where he leaves her.  He then drives to the airport to make his get away to Miami.  But when his records are brought up on the computer, there is a notice that there is a warrant out for his arrest and he is not allowed to leave the country.  The lawyer is arrested.

The Colonel arrives home and calls for Elena.  Not finding her, he walks down to the beach area.  On the shore he sees two people looking out to sea.  He looks and sees a body floating in the water.  He takes off his shoes and swims out to the body.  It is Elena and she is dead.  He brings her into shore and then leaves her there.

Victor is informed that his granddaughter is in the hospital.  They tell him that she is alright now.  Victor rushes to see Mercedes. 

The previous night the drunken Eva was out with Rodolfo tagging behind.  When she awakes in the morning, she finds Rodolfo in her bed right behind her.  She demands to know what he is doing there.  Rodolfo tells her that they have to get married.  Eva thinks he's crazy.  Rodolfo explains that they had sex the previous night and she enjoyed it.  So now they will have to marry.  Eva does not want to hear about it.  The last we see of Rodolfo is him following behind Eva again begging her to marry him. 

Gonzalo learns that he has malignant nodular melanoma.  He has to start chemotherapy immediately.  The last we see of him is when he tries to make his own "return" video tape announcing his comeback to television news.  But it is soon obvious that the man is cracking up and is in no shape to report back to work.  We also see that he has a terrible scar almost completely across the left side of his face from the cancer. 

Grandfather is finally released from the hospital.  He says good-bye to Lucho.  Both have watery eyes. 

Later we see grandfather Victor going to Mercedes's concert.  She plays the flute in the orchestra and grandpa is extremely proud of her. 


Good film.  It's one of those movies where there are four or more different stories and they are all interrelated with each other.  The characters are constantly crossing paths, even if at times it's just on the street.  We also see the characters in the different stories reacting to the collapse of the Fujimoro government in Peru.  At times the stories are a bit tricky to follow, but it's not really that hard.  Many of the characters are intimately involved with the Peruvian government.  Quite a few of the characters are caught up in the many corruption schemes rampant in Peru.  It makes for an interesting way to learn about the downfall of a corrupt government and the effects it has on some Peruvians. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Historical Background:

July 28, 1945 - October 29, 1948  --  José Luis Bustamante y Rivero       

October 29, 1948 - June 1, 1950   --  Manuel Odría (by coup d'etat)

June 1, 1950 - July 28, 1950          --  Zenón Noriega Agüero  (interim caretaker) 

July 28, 1950 - July 28, 1956         –  Manuel Odría

July 28, 1956 - July 18, 1962         –  Manuel Prado y Ugarteche

July 18, 1962 - March 3, 1963       – Ricardo Pérez Godoy by coup d'état (1st President of the Military Junta)

March 3, 1963 - July 28, 1963       – Nicolás Lindley by coup d'état (2nd President of the Military Junta)

July 28, 1963 - October 3, 1968     – Fernando Belaúnde Terry

Oct 3, 1968 - August 30, 1975       – Juan Velasco Alvarado by coup d'état (1st President of the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces)

August 30, 1975 - July 28, 1980     – Francisco Morales Bermúdez by coup d'état (2nd President of the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces)

July 28, 1980 - July 28, 1985          – Fernando Belaúnde Terry

July 28, 1985 - July 28, 1990          – Alan García Pérez  - a very turbulent government

July 28, 1990 - Nov 22, 2000         – Alberto Fujimori by direct elections

Nov 22, 2000 - July 28, 2001        – Valentín Paniagua by congressional election; interim caretaker

July 28, 2001 - July 28, 2006         – Alejandro Toledo

July 28, 2006 –                              -- Alan García Pérez


1938  --  Alberto Fujimori born in Lima, Peru. 

1957  --  he did his undergraduate studies at the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina.

1961  --  graduated first in his class as an agricultural engineer.

1964 --  studied physics at the University of Strasbourg, France.

1969  --  got a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA. 

1974  --  married Susana Higuchi.

1984-1989  --  the Universidad Nacional Agraria appointed him to the rectorship of the university.

1985 -1990 --  Alan García Pérez leads a very turbulent government.  He was with the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance party (APRA).

1987  -- president of the National Commission of Peruvian University Rectors (Asamblea Nacional de Rectores).

1987-1989  --  hosted the TV show called "Concertando".

1990  --  won the presidential election.  He was with new party Cambio 90. (Cambio means change in Spanish.) 

1990-1995  -- first Fijimori government.  He helped Peru reenter the global economy; led a brief economic upturn.

1991  --  Fujimori first rejected but then signed a military accord with the US to eradicate coca fields, in order to get desperately needed aid and military assistance to fight the insurgents.

1991  --  the Fujimori-connected death squad Grupo Colina (Colina Group) (composed of members of the armed forces, committed the Barrios Altos massacre.   

1992 (April 5)  --  the Fujimori government dissolved the Peruvian Congress, suspended the constitution, and purged the judiciary.  Polls showed 80% political support.  The US, Germany and Spain suspended all aid to Peru (except humanitarian assistance). 

1992  --  US President Bush I and his administration officially recognized Fujimori as the legitimate leader of Peru. (They were scared of the terrorists in the Shining Path organization.)

1992  --  government involved in the murder of nine students and one faculty member from Cantuta University.

Fujimori and his supporters (including the Popular Christian Party and left-leaning parties) won a majority in the elections for a Democratic Constitutional Congress. 

1993  --  drafted a new constitution. 

1993 (November 13)  --  Fujimori, warned by Captain Vladimiro Montesinos of an impending military coup, took temporary refuge in the Japanese embassy.

1994  --  Fujimori separated from his wife.  His oldest became the First Lady.

1995  --  Fujimori and Higuchi formally divorced. 

1995-2000 --  Fujimori's second term.  He easily won re-election.

1995  --  the new congress declares an amnesty for all members of the Peruvian military or police accused or convicted of human rights abuses (1980-1995).

Congress passes a law allowing Fujimori to run for a possible third term in 2000.

Fujimori signs an agreement with Ecuador to settle a simmering, century-long border dispute.

1997  --  40.6% of Lima residents reported that President Fujimori was a dictator.  And allegations of corruption increased.  The big complaint was against Fujimori and his connection with the corrupt chief of the National Intelligence Service, Vladimiro Montesinos.

1999  --  Fujimori announces he will run for a third term.  His primary opponent was Alejandro Toledo.  In the runoff, he wins with just over 51% of the vote.

2000 (September 14)  --  the corruption scandal begins big-time with the showing of a video on TV of Montesinos giving a bribe of $15,000 dollars to opposition congressman Alberto Kouri for his defection to Fujimori's Perú 2000 party.

2000 (November 10)  --  Congress agreed to hold elections on April 8 (but without Fujimori as a candidate).

2000 (November 16)  --  in Congress Fujimori forces lose a vote of confidence. Valentín Paniagua becomes the temporary president.

2000 (November 17)  --  Fujimori traveled to Tokyo where he resigned as president. Congress refused this.  Instead they removed him from office on grounds of his being "morally disabled."

2000 (November 19)  --  government ministers resign en bloc.



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