Fahrenheit 9-11 (2004)




Director:  Michael Moore.



This is a great documentary.  And also unique in that it is probably the documentary having the most influence on a presidential election of any documentary. It is also very informative.  Although it may go a little too far, it is still the closest thing to truth we had in the election debate for 2004.  President Bush consistently cherry picked the intelligence and directed intelligence to find what he wanted to find that his words have to classified as lies; lies to us and perhaps or perhaps not lies to himself. 

President Bush misused the 9-11 tragedy to go to war with Iraq and was able to railroad the permission to use force through the legislature.  In this atmosphere of mostly self-created fear, the Democrats were too intimidated to tell the full truth.  Many wanted to tell the truth, but felt the United State public did not want to hear it and would be accused of being "soft" on terrorism and "unpatriotic".  So truth was a casualty of the atmosphere of fear, something somewhat akin to the age of McCarthyism.  Liberals were also afraid to speak out against the McCarthyist inspired reign of fear, until McCarthy finally went too far. 

Bush can manipulate and spin the truth, but his spin and manipulation does not convince the objections of his warfare.  Lies here do not mean occupation victories in Iraq.  What was supposed to have been a short war, just keeps dragging on, like the Vietnam War.  A constant problem is the continuing rising cost of the war in Iraq and that he can't lie away.  

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.








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