Mestari Patelin (1985)  --  Medieval Finland

Korkein oikeus (1998) – the "Cudget War" was a peasant rebellion in the late 16th century Finland


Työväenlaulaja (1973) --  labor troubles in Finland


Täällä Pohjantähden alla (Here Under the Northern Star) (1968)  --  life of a tenant farmer family in a Finnish village from 1890s to 1918 and the Finnish Civil War

Doverie (Trust) (1976)  --  set around the founding  of the Republic of Finland

Pako punaisten päämajasta (2000) – Finnish Civil War  (January to May, 1918)

Käsky (Tears of April) (2008)   -- a White officer in the Finnish Civil War against the Reds repeatedly tries to save a female Red soldier who he loves  (in Finnish with English subtitles)

Mommilan veriteot 1917 (The Mommila Murders) (1973) – richest man in Finland is killed in December 1917 just a few months before the Finnish Civil War by a revolutionary seamen

Aika hyvä ihmiseksi (aka Pretty Good for a Human) (1977) -- Finnish film about a boy in post-World War I Finland

Raja 1918 (The Border) (2007)  --  guarding the border with Russia following the end of the Finnish War of Independence

Suuri peli, korkeat panokset (1999)  --  1920s, Russia, Finland, peace negotiations




World War II

Finland's Defense against the Soviet Union

Talvisota (The Winter War) (1989) --  the Soviet Union attacks Finland; Finnish resistance

A Rukajärven tie (Ambush) (1999)  --  Finnish resistance 1939-1940

Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) (1985) --  remake of the 1955 film of the same name

Tuntematon sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) (1955)  --   ordinary Finnish soldiers in a machine gun platoon fight desperately in the Continuation War (1941-1944) between Finland and the Soviet Union

Framom främsta linjen (Beyond Enemy Lines) (2004)  --  Swedish speaking Finns' infantry regiment 61 fights throughout the Continuation War

Päämaja (Headquarters) (1970) – June 1944, D-Day. Finns prepare for Soviet attack in Karelian region

Tali-Ihantala 1944 (2007)  --  the Battle of Tali-Ihantala (June 25 to July 9, 1944) of the Continuation War (1941-1944)

Child of Mine (2005)  -- Swedish film; over 70,000 Finnish war children sent to Sweden, Norway and Denmark; one boy's story in Sweden

Lupaus (Promise) (2005)  --Finnish women's Lotta Service during WWII through the eyes of three young women





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