F.I.S.T.  (1978) 




Director:     .

Starring:     Sylvester Stallone (Johnny Kovak), Rod Steiger (Senator Madison), Peter Boyle (Max Graham), Melinda Dillon (Anna Zarinkas), David Huffman (Abe Belkin), Kevin Conway (Vince Doyle), Tony Lo Bianco (Babe Milano), Cassie Yates (Molly), Peter Donat (Arthur St. Clair), John Lehne (Mr. Gant), Henry Wilcoxon (Win Talbot), Richard Herd (Mike Monahan), Tony Mockus Jr. (Tom Higgins), Ken Kercheval (Bernie Marr), Elena Karam (Mrs. Zerinkas).

interesting theory that managers and their hired thugs used so much violence that the American labor movement had to turn to organized crime to survive and thereby was corrupted




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