Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for Livingstone (1997)



Director:     Simon Langton

Starring:     Aidan Quinn (Henry Morton Stanley), Nigel Hawthorne (David Livingstone), Kabir Bedi (Khamis Bin Abdullah), Edward Fox (Markham), Dylan Baker (Gordon Bennett), Christopher Fulford (John Shaw), Fay Masterson (Alice Pike), Robert Willox (William Farquhar), Simon Williams (John Kirk). 

made for TV movie




Short, but good movie.  Presents some of the skeletons in Stanley's soul (born out of wedlock in Wales, put in a work house where je was severely abused, ran away and got a job on a ship, jumped ship in New Orleans, USA, fought at the battle of Shiloh on the Southern side, captured and put in a prisoner of war camp, and in order to get of of the prison, he changed sides and fought for the Union).  Stanley was an obsessed man because of his terrible feelings of abandonment and abuse.  

Trip to find Livingstone far too short, but exciting while it lasted. 

Father-and-son relationship developed between the two men; Livingstone lost his son during the American Civil War in a prisoner-of-war camp. 

British very defensive and a bit anti-American on Stanley reporting that he had found Livingstone.  

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Historical Background:


Stanley and Livingstone (1939)






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