Forever and a Day (1943)





Director:     Edmund Goulding, Cedric Hardwicke, Frank Lloyd, Victor Saville, Robert Stevenson, Herbert Wilcox, René Clair.

Starring:     George Kirby (Wartime Newspaper Vendor), Doreen Munroe (Wartime Londoner), May Beatty (Wartime Londoner Cook), Connie Leon (Wartime Londoner), Joy Harington (Wartime Bus Conductor), Kent Smith (Gates Trimble Pomfret), Ernest Grooney (Hotel Manager), Reginald Gardiner (Assistant Hotel Manager), Victor McLaglen (Archibald Spavin), Billy Bevan (Wartime Cabby), Arthur Treacher (Second Air Raid Watcher), Harry Allen (First Cockney Air Raid Watcher), Aubrey Mather (Man in Air Raid Shelter), Ethel Griffies (Wife of Man in Air Raid Shelter), June Lockhart (Girl in Air Raid Shelter).

an American who comes to London to sell a house lands up experiencing the London Blitz Bombing



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