Four Friends (1981)



Director:     Arthur Penn. 

Starring:     Craig Wasson (Danilo), Jodi Thelen (Georgia), Michael Huddleston (David), Jim Metzler (Tom), Scott Hardt (Young Danilo), Elizabeth Lawrence (Mrs. Prozor), Miklos Simon (Mr. Prozor), Michael Kovacs (Prozor Neighbor), Beatrice Fredman (Mrs. Zoldos), Pier Calabria (Conductor), Zaid Farid (Rudy), David Graf (Gergley), Felix Shuman (Principal), George Womack (Mr. Bellknap), Todd Isaacson (Senior Kid).

 --  catches the craziness of the era


Good movie.  I grew up during the era of the civil rights movement, the hippie movement and the anti-war movement.  I thought a lot of the people I met were a little crazy, but it was just the times  --  they were too taken with the hippie ideas.  It brought out a lot of eccentric behavior. They thought they could change themselves, their futures and the world.  It was a wonderful era in many ways (sure beats the conservative times through which we now suffer).  But things were a little weird back then, and many young people made some wrong decisions.

I liked the movie because it catches that flavor of romanticism, idealism and craziness. 

I once mentioned to a colleague that I like the movie because it caught the flavor of the age, she, a generation older than I, said that was wrong and the characters were too disgusting to make a good movie.  But, I never trust moralists, who disapprove of so much that is a little different.  Oh, yes, that was one of the characteristics of the period: a conflict between generations.  In those days, it was a hard to tell the difference sometimes between real crazy and just confused crazy. 


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 






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