Freud (1962)



Director:     John Huston.

Starring:     Montgomery Clift (Sigmund Freud), Susannah York (Cecily Koertner), Larry Parks (Dr. Joseph Breuer), Susan Kohner (Martha Freud), Eileen Herlie (Frau Ida Koertner), Fernand Ledoux (Dr. Charcot), David McCallum (Carl von Schlossen), Rosalie Crutchley (Frau Freud), David Kossoff (Jacob Freud), Joseph Fürst (Herr Jacob Koertner), Alexander Mango (Babinsky), Leonard Sachs (Brouhardier), Eric Portman (Dr. Theodore Meynert), John Huston (Narrator), Victor Beaumont (Dr. Guber).

Story of the early days of Sigmund Freud when he was struggling to get his theories accepted in Vienese medical circles. Freud, however, never really was completely accepted by the Europeans.



Freud today is virtually totally discredited.  The only good thing one can say about him is that he provided a form of psychology/psychiatry that was digestible to the very conservative, puritanical Americans.  The Europeans rejected Freud and stayed with Kepplin, who kept psychiatry in the field of scientific medicine.  But the USA with its great spirit of Puritanism and conservative religion , along with its capitalism and the belief in free will (and the insistence that the poor are poor because they don't work hard), would not have liked this approach that sees human activity as greatly influenced by their heredity and brain chemistry.

Yeah, about all you can say about Freud that perhaps he was better than nothing, but not much.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.








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