Frida (2002)


Director:     Julie Taymor.

Starring:     Salma Hayek (Frida), Alfred Molino (Diego Rivera), Geoffrey Rush (Trotsky), Ashley Judd (Tina Modotti)


Great movie and wonderful love story of two left-wing Mexican artists during the Depression.

Patrick Louis Cooney,  Ph. D. 


Historical Background:


1887 -- Diego Rivera born in Guanajuato to a schoolteacher.

1902 -- Rivera leaves school to work on his own.

Her father was Guillermo Kahlo, whose father was a Hungarian Jew from Arad (now Rumania) who later migrated to Germany.

1904 -- her father builds the house in Coyoacan.

July 6, 1907 -- Frida born the third daughter. She and younger sister Cristina cared for largely by their older sisters, Matilde and Adriana.

1907 -- Rivera sails for Europe.

May 1911 -- fall of Porfirio Diaz.

October 1912 -- revolutionary leader Francisco Madero elected president.

Feb 1913 -- Madero double-crossed by Gen. Victoriano Huerta and murdered.

1913 -- at 6 years of age she contracted polio; she had a withered right leg.

1914 -- Frida claims she witnessed some of the battles of the Mexican revolution.

Nov 1920 -- inauguration of President Alvaro Obregon, one of Carranza’s generals.

1921 -- Rivera returns from Europe.

1922 -- when she was 15 years of age, she helped Matilde elope. In the same year she enters the National Preparatory School.

1922 -- Rivera marries his mistress Lupe Marin. Affair with model Nahui Olin.

Summer of 1923 -- at age 16 she and Alejandro Gomez Arias fall in love.

1923-28 -- Rivera’s Mexicanida first emerges in the murals for the Ministry of Pubic Education.

1925 -- takes typing and shorthand at Oliver Academy. Seduced by female employee at the library of the Ministry of Education. Parents found out and it was a big scandal. Later paid apprenticeship with a friend of her fathers, Fernando Fernandez. She has brief affair with him.

September 17, 1925 -- bus/trolley accident. 18 years of age.

summer of 1926 -- pleading to get back with her novio, she paints her first serious work, a self-portrait. Also had a relapse and back into plaster corset. She began to paint.

March 1927 -- Alejandro sails for Europe.

July 1927 -- Matilde finally forgiven by her mother.

September 1927 -- Rivera to Rusia to attend 10th anniversary of the October Revolution.

November 1927 -- Alejandro returns. Frida continued to write to him the entire time. But once back gradually drifted apart.

Early months, 1928 -- Student leader German de Campo introduces her into the circle of friends surrounding the exiled Cuban Communist revolutionary Julio Antonia Mella. His lover was Tina Modotti, who was adored by the Mexican art world. Sometime in 1928 Frida meets Rivera again at the circle of friends.

May 1928 -- Rivera precipitately called home by the Mexican Communist party.

June 1928 -- Alejandro’s love affair over with Frida. He fell in love with another.

August 1928 -- marriage to Lupe Marin disintegrated due to his affair with Tina Modotti.

January 1929 -- Alejandro elected president of the National Student Confederation; helps win university autonomy. University autonomy won in 1929. Mella killed by a gunman in the hire of Cuban govt while walking with Tina Modotti.

August 21, 1929 -- marriage of Frida and Diego.

October 3, 1929 -- presides over his own expulsion from the Communist party.

1930 -- Rivera had an affair with his young assistant Ione Robinson.

1930-31 -- anti-communist hysteria in Mexico; Rivera joins Orozco in the United States.

November 1930 -- goes to San Francisco to paint murals in the stock exchange.

1931 -- Portrait of Dr. Leo Eloesser to thank the doctor for his help. She relied on him for medical advice.

1932 -- Frida and Diego at the Rouge plant of the Ford Motor Company, Detroit to do a mural that became controversial.

1934-1939 -- they lived in a pair of houses built for them in the nearby residential district of San Angel.

1934-35 -- rift with sister Cristina over her affair with Diego.

1937 -- with the Trotskys on their arrival at Tampico. She had an affair with Trotsky.

1938 -- New York exhibition

1939 -- painting Paulette Goddard and Rivera widely believed to have been romantically involved with her.

1939 -- "Suicide of Dorothy Hale".


1939 -- October, Frida and Diego parted for 5 months by this time. Divorce.

1940, December 8 -- Diego and Frida remarry on Diego’s 54th birthday.


1941 -- her father dies and her health deteriorates.

1942 -- they start building Anahuacalli, a bizarre, gloomy temple-museum on a lava bed in the Pedregal district.

1942 -- selected as a founding member of the Seminario de Cultura Mexicana.

1944 -- paints "The Broken Column" revealing some of her bodily pain. Done after back surgery and confinement.

1946 -- teaching art students. She was selected as one of six artists to receive a government fellowship.

1949 -- Diego paints movie star Maria Felix and has affair with her.

1953 -- Frida carried on stretcher into the gallery at the opening of the Homage to Frida Kahlo.

1954, July -- Frida and Diego protest the ouster of Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz Guzman by the CIA.

1954, July 13 -- death of Frida.

1964 -- Anahuacalli open to the public as an anthropological museum, a monument to one man’s passion for his native culture.



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