Il generale dell'armata morte (The General of the Dead Army)  (1983) 






Director:     .

Starring:     Marcello Mastroianni (General Ariosto), Anouk Aimée (Countess Betsy Mirafiore), Michel Piccoli (Benetandi), Gérard Klein (General Krotz), Sergio Castellitto (The Expert), Daniele Dublino (The Minister), Carmine De Padova (L'ordonnance), Roberto Miccoli (The Shepherd), Cosimo Calabrese (The President), Salvatore Buccolieri (The Old Man), Vincenza D'Angela (The Woman).

an Italian general is sent to Albania with an army chaplain to bring back the remains of 3,000 of their soldiers; a German is there doing the same thing; but can it be done?



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