Gentleman's Agreement (1947)





Director:      Elia Kazan

Starring:     Gregory Peck (Philip Schuyler Green), Dorothy McGuire (Kathy Lacy), John Garfield (Dave Goldman), Celseste Holm (Anne Dettrey), Anne Revere (Mrs. Green), June Havoc (Elaine Wales), Albert Dekker (John Minify), Jane Wyatt (Jane), Dean Stockwell (Tommy Green), Sam Jaffe (Professor Fred Lieberman).

Oscars: Holm for Supporting Actress; Kazan for Director

Gregory Peck confronts anti-Semitism at home when he runs an experiment to see how often he is rejected as a lodger in motels and hotels.  Actually there was a sociological experiment about this.  Many managers of hotels and motels answered negative to the question if they would allow Jewish lodgers.  The researchers also found out that the number of managers actually rejecting prospective Jewish lodgers that really showed up at their hotels and motels was much less than what the managers had reported.










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