Get on the Bus (1996)




Director:    Spike Lee.

Starring:    Richard Belzer (Rick), De'aundre Bonds (Junior, aka 'Smooth'), Andre Braugher (Flip), Thomas Jefferson Byrd (Evan Thomas Sr.), Gabriel Casseus (Jamal), Albert Hall (Craig), Hill Harper (Xavier), Harry Lennix (Randall), Bernie Mac (Jay), Wendell Pierce (Wendell), Roger Guenveur Smith (Gary), Isaiah Washington (Kyle), Steve White (Mike), Ossie Davis (Jeremiah), Charles S. Dutton (George).

A group of black men from varied back grounds with different stories come together on a bus headed for the Million Man March and start to form bonds with the men on board.  Among the men are a father and son, and older man, an aspiring actor, a police officer, a film student, and even a devout Muslim.



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