Goodbye, Norma Jean (1976)





Director:    Larry Buchanan.

Starring:    Misty Rowe (Norma Jean Baker), Terence Locke (Ralph Johnson), Patch Mackenzie (Ruth Latimer), Preston Hanson (Hal James), Marty Zagon (Irving Oblach), Andre Philippe (Sam Dunn), Adele Claire (Beverly), Sal Ponti (Randy Palmer), Paula Mitchell (Cynthia Palmer), Jean Sarah Frost (Ethel), Lilyan McBride (House Mother), Burr Middleton (Sleasy Photographer), Stuart Lancaster (George), Ivy Bethune (Ruby Kirshner), Robert Gribbon (Terry).

A biopic of the early years of Norma Jean Baker, who became the Hollywood sex goddess Marilyn Monroe. Focusing on the results of  a bad early childhood, the movie stresses Marilyn's series of sexual encounters with powerful men that helped her in her movie career.




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