Goodnight, Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston (1990)



Director:      Jerrold Freedman.

Starring:     Ken Olin (Charles Stuart), Margaret Colin (Michelle Caruso), Annabella Price (Carol Stuart), James Handy (McQuiggan), Michael C. Gwynne (Connors), Anthony Tyler Quinn (Matthew), Nicholas Kusenko), Bruce McGill (O'Meara), Carl Anthony Payne II (DeWayne), BD Wong (Kim Tan), Will Zahrn (Costello), Shawna Franks (Janet), Jim Ortlieb (MacLean), Larry Brandenburg (Captain Brady), Sandy Maschmeyer (Debbie).

Every year many husbands kill their wives in the United States.  But what made this wife murder different is that Charles Stuart claimed that a black man robbed him, then shot him and killed his pregnant wife.  This racial angle made the murder a nationally known and discussed case.



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