The Graduate (1967)



Director:     Mike Nichols.

Starring:     Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson), Dustin Hoffman (Ben Braddock), Katharine Ross (Elaine Robinson), William Daniels (Mr. Braddock), Murray Hamilton (Mr. Robinson), Elizabeth Wilson (Mrs. Braddock), Buck Henry (Room Clerk), Brian Avery (Carl Smith), Walter Brooke (Mr. McGuire), Norman Fell (Mr. McCleery), Alice Ghostley (Mrs. Singleman), Marion Lorne (Miss DeWitte), Eddra Gale (Woman on Bus).

Based on the novel by Charles Webb.



This is the first of many later films dealing with youthful disillusionment.  It caught the rising spirit of disillusionment of the baby boom generation with the materialism of modern life.
Hoffman's character, a recent college graduate, is supposed to fit in with the successful life of his family and friends, but starts to have doubts.  One family friend advises him with the one word, "Plastics," for his future.  This became a running joke in the general culture for quite awhile with people repeating that one word in appropriate situations.

He soon finds himself in a battle for the daughter of his own older woman seducer, the famous "Mrs. Robinson" (with Paul Simon's song of the same name) that has a dramatic final.  

The film made the reputations of director Nichols  and star Hoffman.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 






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