The Greatest (1977)



Director:     Tom Gries.

Starring:      Muhammad Ali (Himself), Ernest Borgnine (Angelo Dundee), John Marley (Dr. Ferdie Pacheco), Lloyd Haynes (Herbert Muhammad), Malachi Throne (Payton Jory), Lucille Benson (Mrs. Fairlie), Teddy Wilson (John The Gardener), Annazette Chase (Belinda Ali), Mira Waters (Ruby Sanderson), Chip McAllister (Cassius Clay Aged 18), Drew Bundini Brown (Drew 'Bundini' Brown), Robert Duvall (Bill McDonald), David Huddleston (Cruikshank), Ben Johnson (Hollis), James Earl Jones (Malcolm X).

Muhammed Ali portrays himself in a film about his life. As 18 year-old Cassius Clay, Ali wins the Olympic gold medal for boxing.

Muhammed Ali may have been the greatest sports champion of all time.  Not because he was necessarily the greatest athlete of all time, but because he so dominated his times and at the same time stood up for the rights of blacks against considerable white attempts to ruin him.  The combination transformed a simple boxing champion into a political champion.  He went beyond sports to represent the political hopes of all minorities fighting against repression.


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