Gypsy (1962)




Director:     Mervyn LeRoy.

Starring:      Rosalind Russell (Rose), Natalie Wood (Louise "Gypsy"), Karl Malden (Herbie Sommers), Paul Wallace (Tulsa No. 2), Betty Bruce (Tessie Tura), Parley Baer (Mr. Kringelein), Harry Shannon (Grandpa), Morgan Brittany (credited as Suzanne Cupito) ("Baby" June), Ann Jillian ("Dainty" June), Diane Pace ("Baby" Louise), Faith Dane (Mazeppa), Roxanne Arlen (Electra), Jean Willes (Betty Cratchitt), George Petrie (George), Ben Lessy (Mervyn Goldstone).

Rise to stardom of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee.





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