Hair (1979)



Director:    Milos Forman.

Starring:    John Savage (Claude Hooper Bukowski), Treat Williams (George Berger), Beverly D'Angelo (Sheila Franklin), Annie Golden (Jeannie Ryan), Dorsey Wright (Lafayette aka Hud), Don Dacus (Woof), Cheryl Barnes (Hud's Fiancee), Richard Bright (Fenton), Nicholas Ray (The General), Charlotte Rae (Lady in Pink), Miles Chapin (Steve Wright), Fern Tailer (Sheila's Mother), Charles Denny (Sheila's Father), Herman Meckler (Sheila's Uncle), Agness Breen (Sheila's Aunt).


A hippie phenomenon itself , the movie deals with the hippie culture confronting a regular straight American fellow on his way to fight in Vietnam. The young soldier from Oklahoma is adopted by a group of hippies and warms to their perspectives on life. They say the movie is better than the Broadway play. Choreography by Twyla Tharp.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.











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