High Noon (l952)





Director:    Fred Zinnemann.

Starring:     Gary Cooper (Marshal Will Kane), Thomas Mitchell (Mayor Jonas Henderson), Lloyd Bridges (Deputy Marshal Harvey Pell), Katy Jurado (Helen Ramírez), Grace Kelly (Amy Fowler Kane), Otto Kruger (Judge Percy Mettrick), Lon Chaney Jr. (Martin Howe), Harry Morgan (Sam Fuller), Ian MacDonald (Frank Miller), Eve McVeagh (Mildred Fuller), Morgan Farley (Dr. Mahin - Minister), Harry Shannon (Cooper), Lee Van Cleef (Jack Colby), Robert J. Wilke (Jim Pierce), Sheb Wooley (Ben Miller).

Oscars:      Cooper as Best Actor, Best Song ("Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling"), and Best Editing.



In times of political repression, the arts often are forced to become more subtle in order to get their message across.  This movie reflects the situation in which a lot of the black-listed writers and actors found themselves.  Threatened by the witch-hunters in the McCarthy era, they often felt alone and abandoned by their friends who were all too scared to do anything or even be seen with them. The movie is about a marshal in a small western town, who, on the day both of his wedding and retirement, learns that a gunman is coming to town seeking revenge.  He appeals to many a friend, but finds himself alone.  He finally realizes that he is going to have to do what is right in spite of the lack of support from others who are frightened of what might happen to them.   

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.







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