Dnevnik ego zheny (His Wife's Diary) (2000)




Director:     Aleksei Uchitel.

Starring:     Andrei Smirnov (Ivan Bunin), Galina Tyunina (Vera, his wife), Olga Budina (Galina Poltnikova), Yevgeni Mironov (Leonid Gurov).

Country:  Russian film.

life of Russian writer, Nobel Laureate and critic of the Russian Revolution Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin (1870-1953)


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Historical Background:


1870  --  Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin born in central Russia.

1881  -- sent to public school in Yelets.

1887  --  he published his first poem. 

1889  --  he followed his older brother to Kharkov, where he worked at several different jobs. He became a close friend to writer Anton Chekhov.  He was an acquaintance of Maxim Gorky and Leo Tolstoy. 

1891  -- he published his first short story, "Country Sketch".

1898  -- he married the daughter of a Greek revolutionary.  It ended in divorce.

1901  --  he published his first volume of poetry Listopad.

1903  --  he was awarded the Pushkin Prize for his translation of Longfellow's "Song of Hiawatha".

1907  -- Bunin remarried.  He had many affairs for the rest of his life.

1909  -- he was elected to the Russian Academy.

before WWI  -- he traveled in Ceylon, Palestine, Egypt and Turkey. 

1912-1914  --  he spent the winters on Capri with Maxim Gorky. 

1917  -- the Russian Revolution.  Bunin left Russia for Odessa.

1919  --  Bunin settled in Grasse, France. There he published his diary, The Accursed Days, which revealed his aristocratic disgust with the Russian Revolution. 

1933  --  Bunin was the first Russian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1943  -- publication of his Dark Alleys.

During the Nazi occupation of France, Bunin hid a Jewish person in his house.

He entertained the idea of one day returning to Russia.

1953  --  he died of a heart attack in Paris.    



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