Hoffa (1992)




Director:    Danny DeVito.

Starring:    Jack Nicholson (James R. 'Jimmy' Hoffa), Danny DeVito (Bobby Ciaro), Armand Assante (Carol D'Allesandro), J.T. Walsh (Frank Fitzsimmons), John C. Reilly (Pete Connelly), Frank Whaley (Young Kid), Kevin Anderson (Robert Kennedy), John P. Ryan (Red Bennett), Robert Prosky (Billy Flynn), Natalija Nogulich (Jo Hoffa), Nicholas Pryor (Hoffa's Attorney), Paul Guilfoyle (Ted Harmon), Karen Young (Young Woman at RTA), Cliff Gorman (Solly Stein), Joanne Neer (Soignee Woman).

The life and times of Teamster Union boss Jimmy Hoffa.   He builds his union into a powerful one, but his own stubbornness and his connections to the mob ultimately spell his demise.



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