The Holocaust (1978)




Director:    Marvin J. Chomsky.

Starring:     Fritz Weaver (Jewish doctor Joseph Weiss), Rosemary Harris (wife Berta Weiss), Sam Wanamaker (his brother Moses ), Joseph Bottoms (son Rudi Weiss), James Woods (son Karl Weiss), Blanche Baker (daughter Anna Weiss), Meryl Streep (Karl Weiss' Christian wife Inga), Michael Moriarity (lawyer Erik Dorf), Tovah Feldsuh (girlfriend Helena), Michael Beck, Tom Bell .

Awards: wins 8 Emmy awards.

NBC's Big Event series miniseries.

The Jewish Weiss family live in Germany in 1935. At the same time a struggling lawyer, at the urging of his wife, joins the SS. Most of the Jewish family is deported to the Polish ghetto and then to Auschwitz, overseen by none other than the former struggling lawyer. Son Rudi Weiss and his girlfriend join the Russian partisans after witnessing the 1941 Baba Yar massacre.



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