Hope and Glory (1987)




Director:     John Boorman

Starring:     Sebastian Rice-Edwards (Bill Rowan), Geraldine Muir (Sue Rowan), Sarah Miles (Grace Rowan), David Hayman (Clive Rowan), Sammi Davis (Dawn Rowan), Derrick O'Connor (Mac), Susan Wooldridge (Molly), Jean-Marc Barr (Cpl. Bruce Carrey), Ian Bannen (Grandfather George), Annie Leon (Grandma), Jill Baker (Faith), Amelda Brown (Hope), Katrine Boorman (Charity), Colin Higgins (Clive's Pal), Shelagh Fraser (WVS Woman).

Country:     British.

British family sticks together in spite of German bombings



This is a very positive picture about a time when families were closer emotionally than in our day of broken families.

If you thought living in war-torn Britain being bombarded by German planes and V-2 rockets must have been a dreary place, here comes an upbeat movie about a family that manages not only to survive but continue to thrive in spite of the circumstances.

The family consists of husband and wife (Julia Mills), along with offspring consisting of a teen-age girl, a elementary school boy, and a young girl. Their existence is made all the more pleasant by the fact the mother's father and mother live not too far away.

With new of the invasion of Poland in September 1939, the men, including the father of the movie family, march down the street to go to the rallying points for army service. Much to the great disappointment and humiliation of the father, he is given a job as clerk typist and serves somewhat nearby his home.

The neighborhood is bombed, but this just adds to the excitement of the world to the young boy and all the other young boys in the neighborhood who are having a ball finding all kinds of wonderful things in the ruins of burned out and bombed buildings. For them it was a great time to be alive and you can see the glee in them.

The young girl is also enthralled by all the soldiers in the area. She is somewhat rebellious believing her mother favored her other siblings over her. She constantly hangs out at the parties given for the soldiers and falls in love with a soldier form Canada and becomes pregnant. But despite this bit of bad new the family stays together.

The family's house burns down not because of German bombs, but just by accident. The family then goes to live with the material grandparents. The grandfather is quite the eccentric character and provides a great deal of humor for the family.

The boy passes the summer by boating on the canal, fishing, and playing cricket with his grandfather and at times with his father and grandfather.

Upon hearing of the pregnancy of his girlfriend, the Canadian soldier goes AWOL to see her again. The two are married and the baby arrives almost immediately following the wedding service.

The movie ends with the family still very much together and enjoying each other's company.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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