House of Saddam (2008)




Director:     Jilm O'Hanlon.

Starring:     Yigal Naor (Saddam Hussein),  Shohreh Aghdashloo (Sajida Khairallah Talfah, first wife),  Philip Arditti (Uday Hussein, elder son),  Makram Khoury (Tariq Aziz),  Mounir Margoum (Qusay Hussein),  Agni Scott (Raghad Hussein),  Uri Gavriel (Ali Hassan al-Majid),  Amr Waked (Hussein Kamel al-Majid),  Christine Stephen-Daly (Samira Shahbandar, blonde second wife),  Daniel Lundh (Saddam Kamel al-Majid, lackey),  Amber Rose Revah (Hala Hussein, daughter),  Shivani Ghai (Rana Hussein),  Sad Amadis (Adnan Khairallah, first head of security),  Akbar Kurtha (Kamel Hanna).

biographical film of the Iraqi dictator (1979-2003)


Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film. 

Part I.

Baghdad summer 1979.  There is a birthday party for Saddam's young daughter.  Saddam does not like cleric leader Khomeini of Iran.  The guy has a big mouth.  Iranians carry signs "Death to America" and "Death to the followers of Saddam!"   Bark, bark, bark, but he's a dog with teeth.   He wants his revolution to affect the entire Arab world.  And over time he will become more and more dangerous. 

Saddam believes that America hopes for a strong Iraq to counter Iran.  And the Iraqi people themselves deserve it.  He toasts to the revolution, the party, to unity and to a new Iraq. 

Hala, the daughter of Hussein, is becoming a woman, but she is still Saddam's baby.  The thought is that she should marry Mohammed. 

The president is about to arrive at the party.  Saddam is his deputy.  He arrives and says hello to the little birthday girl.  They sing a happy birthday song.  The president says to save him a piece of cake.  He has to talk business for awhile with Saddam.  They go to another room.  Saddam asks the president to please sit down.  He has something to say to him.  Saddam says he's concerned about Khomeini and about the proposed union with Syria.  The president feels there is something strange about this gathering.  Saddam says Khomeini knows they are weak and he will not allow it.  The president says:  "Mr. Deputy.  You will not allow it? . . . Saddam. you're time will come."   Just look at what you have accomplished, says the president.  Together they have established schools and provided food for all the people.  This alliance we will make Iraq stronger.

Saddam says:  "It is over comrade."  Either you resign or you will be put out by force.  Either way you resign.  The president becomes very concerned and feels trapped.  He asks some of the men in the room to support him.  But no one will support him.  They will announce the president's retirement and name Saddam as his successor.  The president can do nothing but accept what Saddam offers.  Saddam's men say to him:  "My president!" and kiss him.  After the meeting, Saddam's mother tells him:  "So it's done.  You are to be president. . . . Now you will need your brothers more than ever."

Saddam makes Barzan the head of his security.  A member of the Saddam team is Adani, who likes to wear white suits.  He has lots of ideas.  Saddam tells him that he likes being empowered; that he like power.  Adani agrees. 

The president turns the power over to Saddam.  One of the old president's men, unimproved as to what had happened, objects to what he hears.  Someone says that they must respect the president's decision, but the guy asks:  "What is going on here?"  Seeing that his objections fall on deaf ears, he says then we accept the move by a unanimous vote.  Someone asks where is Adani.  They don't know.  

At a meeting of the party members, Saddam declares that there is an atrocious plot against their beloved Bath party.  And these collaborators are sitting amongst us here.  Behind the scenes the outspoken dissenter is being tortured to force him to become a witness against other dissenters who Saddam wants to be rid.  The guy is cleaned up and testifies that since 1975 he has been a part of Syrian plot against Saddam.  They tried to remove Saddam but the plotters were revealed and their plans uncovered.  Saddam says:  "You can imagine how stunned I was" to find this out.  He says the people whose name he reads out loud should leave.  The accused men are shocked and declare their innocence.  It doesn't matter.  They are taken away.  Around a dozen or so men are taken out. 

The men are lined up.  Across from each of the accused Saddam puts one of his henchmen.  He makes each henchman execute the "traitor" in font of him.  The man who was tortured and was used as the source of accusations of betrayal of the others is the first to be executed.  The next man shoots; the next man shoots; until all the accused are dead. 

Adani comes in to see Saddam.  Saddam says to him:  "Forgive me, you were always my friend."  He shoots Adani in the head, killing him. 

Hala asks if it is true that she is promised to Mohammed Barzan.  She is told to be a good wife. 

Saddam's wife says to him about Adani:  He was your friend, his wife was my friend; what am I supposed to tell her?  Saddam only says:  "I did what was necessary.'  The man who can sacrifice his own friend is the strongest man.  So, in the eyes of his enemies Saddam is stronger now.

Short,  fat and bald Tariq Aziz asks other Saddam henchmen:  "Who saw it coming?"  Barzan says that only Saddam knows what he is thinking.  Well, maybe Adani had a big mouth.

At Adani's funeral the women are all dressed in black with black scarves over their hair.  Adani's, probably afraid for her own life, comes over to Saddam.  He tells her:  "I loved him like a brother. . . . I know in my heart he would have understood. That in my place he would have done the same.'  The wife says:  "If it's good for Iraq, it's good for me. . . .  He believed in you Saddam and so do I."  If she can serve Saddam and Iraq, she is ready and willing.

Saddam is all over the TV now.

On a hunt in the hot desert Saddamís son wants to shoot something big. Saddam gives him the rifle to shoot a rabbit.  The son shoots but misses the rabbit.  Saddam says if he missed as a boy it meant empty bellies and a beating from his stepfather. 

Saddam's wife and her brother Adnan, in military uniform, as head of Saddam's armed forces, as well as Saddam's mother are all at the hunt.  They stay in the shade of a tent, but are still too hot.  Mother tells daughter-in-law to make Saddam happy.  Saddam has his sights set on Khomeini.  But at least he will listen to Adnan.  Adnan tells his sister to be good to Saddam and his mother because she still has influence.  Saddam talks to his son about their land between two rivers, the birthplace of civilization.  And, he says, we will make it great again you and I, Uday. 

Baghdad.  A man leaves a satchel in a small cafť and quickly exits.  He then runs as a big explosion goes off.  Another throws a hand grenade into a revolving door to assassinate a man.  It is believed that the Islamist Dawa party, a banned organization, is behind these acts of terrorism.  Saddam's men catch an agent of Iran.  They learn that the Dawa party has pledged open allegiance to Khomeini, the enemy.  Saddam wants to go after Khomeini soon, but Adnan suggests that they get help from America and other countries.  Saddam is too impatient for this.  So, it's war, says Adnan. 

Mother becomes mad at her son Saddam.  She says he is not working with Ibrahims.  And hi oldest son has the grace of a pig and his wife allows it.   Saddam argues with her.  She ends it by saying:  "You have too much to say to your mother.  Leave me.  I am tired."

Scenes from the war with Iran. Saddam begins the advance into Iran. At home Saddam makes a movie about his heroic exploits when he was younger.   Saddam congratulates the actor playing him.  They are cousins in real life.  Saddam talks to a reporter from Time magazine man.  He says he wants good relations with the USA.  The reporter asks if the war will bankrupt the economy.  Saddam tells him to ask the people if they want for anything.  But the recent news is of Iran's military successes.  Saddam says this is because the Iranians are receiving foreign support. 

Saddam takes the reporter to a school.  The class is all girls.  The teacher is a pretty blond named Samira Shahbandar that Sadddam likes.  The president asks how many have of the girls have fathers or brothers in the army.  Almost all of them put up their hands.  After class Saddam talks with Samira.  She says:  "It would be wonderful if you could visit us again soon."  Saddam says he would like that.  He will arrange it.

The blonde teacher and her husband come in to meet with Saddam.  "Mr. President, we are honored" says husband.  Saddam pays little attention to the husband.  He tells Samira that she looks beautiful and asks her to sit next to him.  He adjusts her hair so he can see her face better.   She says to him:  "And I you."  He holds her hand.

Saddam Kamel al-Majid, Saddam's lackey, sits with the husband on a couch and tells him that our president likes his wife.  The husband objects:  "She's my wife."   He starts to get up.  The lackey stops him, saying:  "I'd really do nothing if I were you.  There will be compensation." 

There are new Iranian successes on the battlefield.  Saddam accuses Barzan of hiding the knowledge of these setbacks from him.  He asks:  "What else has been hidden from me?"  And he wants to know why the Iraqi army retreated.  The explanation is that they were taking too many casualties. It was becoming a massacre.  But Saddam doesn't want to hear this.  He says:  "It was a cowardís decision."  He wants all the officers involved in the retreat executed, saying:  "The Iraqi army does not retreat.  Do you understand?"  He then commands for the executions to proceed immediately.  Saddam leaves the room.

Barzan is not happy with Saddam, but Tariq says he's only doing his job.  Barzan sarcastically says:  "Yeah.  He's doing something."

Barzan is with Saddam's very ill mother. She asks Barzan to leave. She wants to talk to Saddam. Alone with Saddam, she says:   Your strength is in the family. Blood is permanent. I want you to keep the family together. Keep Barzan close. He was always loyal to you even when he was little.  Itís a good thing you never knew your father.  He was mad blood.  She dies. Saddam says to her: "You gave me nothing."  At the funeral Barzan tells Saddam that mother was proud of him.

Barzan tells Saddam that his daughter has been promised to his son for years.  Saddam lies to him and says it was mamaís last wish.  She wanted the groom to be from my fatherís side.  Barzan doesn't really believe that his mother said that.  He tells Saddam that he has always been loyal to him. "And now this insult, not only to me but to all the Ibrahims."

Dujail. Saddam speaks about the 39,000 people of Dujail who are loyal to the country.  The people clap for him. They leave Dujail.  Saddam's convoy of car is fired upon.  A car ahead of them blows up.  Saddam hits the deck. When things start to clam down a bit he gets out of his car.  He shouts:  "They tried to kill me! They tried to kill me!  No, we must go back to Dujail."  He tells the people that these few shots won't frighten Saddam Hussein. He calls the assassins the agents of Khomeini.

Saddam things more about the assassination attempt.  300 rounds of ammunition were fired at his cars. "All it takes is one bullet. Yet these traitors had 300 opportunities to kill me. And here you are the second most powerful man in Iraq, Barzan. Some would say you have the most to gain from my death."  Barzan says: "I will do my duty. I will find the traitors.  I promise."  Barzan has houses torn down of suspects, leaving nothing standing. Some people are killed in the building collapses.

Saddam's daughter gets married.  Saddam tells her that she looks beautiful.  "You look simply beautiful."  Saddam's wife sees the blonde Samira and asks who's the blonde.

Barzan goes upstairs to see Saddam.  He tells him that he has carried out his orders.  "It is my wedding gift to you."  Saddam breaks the bad news to him.  From now on Hussein will be responsible for his personal safety.  Barzan asks:  "Why do you insult me like this? I even accepted the wedding." You favor the el Majid.  You surround yourself with weakness. Saddam responds:  "They are my blood, you understand.  And I know a traitor before he knows himself.  I have given you my soul. You will attend the wedding then you will leave Iraq."  Saddam goes downstairs to the wedding, while Barzan starts busting things upstairs.

Saddam comes down in the elevator making a grand entrance.  He is all dressed in white. The blonde Samira watches him with admiration.

Part II.

After 8 years of war and hundreds of thousands of deaths, Saddam declares a victory over Iran.  He makes the infamous comment:  "The law is anything I write on a piece of paper."

August, 1988. In a night club Uday starts shooting up the place with his revolver.  He shouts:   "What's the matter with you (dancers)?  We just won a war."   He chases after some of the women.  Saddam's lackey sarcastically says that it's another great night for our little prince. He takes the tape of the incident to Saddam.  Saddam talks with the artist responsible for creating the Victory Arch.  He makes a little joke saying about the model:  "Itís a bit small."  But the artist does not know the president is joking.  He says:  "No, your majesty, this is just a model."  Iím joking, says Saddam.

Saddam' has left.  Udday asks the lackey if he is with a blonde or some different whore?  Sheís been here hasnít she? You are Babbaís little servant but he wonít always be president.  Uday forces his pistol to the lackey's head. "You bring her here. You arrange their meetings. Youíre a pimp. For my mother I will kill you. For my father, I let you live."

Saddam is very mad at Kuwait.  Kuwait has increased its output of oil to 2.1 billion gallons. This drives down oil prices by 20 percent just when Iraq needs the money.

Gen Rashid tells his son-in-law Qusay Hussein to tell his father that he was not behind the media declaration that he won the war.

Saddam's wife dies her hair blonde. Her brother says it suits her. She replies:  "You have to say that.  Youíre my brother."

At dinner Saddam hears that the United Nations has been questioning  the government's raids on the Kurds. They are calling it genocide.  But, says Saddam, they favor Iraq because they see it as the leading Arab country. Kuwait is our priority, he says, especially if the price of oil continues to drop.  He sees his wife and mentions that she changed her hair. Do you like it?, she asks.  Saddam says:  "If you like it, I like it.  Whatever makes you happy."  But his wife presses him until he finally says:  " It looks cheap." Adnan her brother comes to his sister's rescue saying that it looks nice. The wife excuses herself from the table saying she has had enough.

Saddam goes swimming. Adnan talks with her.  He says his wife misses him.  She misses being his wife.  Saddam explains that he has taken a new wife, Samira.   Adnan says:  "I came as a friend, not as the commander of your army. Your army also feels neglected. They want to return to their families. One million men waiting to be told what to do. But the truth is not what you want to hear."  Saddam relents and says in a friendly way:  "I know what you say is true. Iím sorry about your sister.  I canít do what I donít feel anymore."

Saddam's first wife comes to see "Hussein Jr."  She tells him:  "He married her. You knew before I knew. A servant. Never look at me again. Never speak to me."

Saddam wonders about his brother-in-law Adnan.  The man is popular whit his officers, his men and the people of Iraq.  Saddam says that the Kuwaiti situation may escalate and that he must be sure of everyone .

Switzerland. Oil talks in Geneva. Iraq didnít get all it wanted. The Iraqi spokesperson says that they are disappointed in Kuwait. Overproduction has cost Iraq dearly. This is money Iraq can ill afford to lose. He says:  "Greed is not the limit of our complaints against Kuwait. We have discovered something more sinister."  Kuwait has bee using new American oil  technology to siphon off oil that belongs to Iraq. He finishes with:  "We look forward to an apology and an end to this shameful practice."

Uday says to his brother Qusay that he cant believe their father actually married that blonde woman.  What if they have a son?  Donít be stupid, says Qusay.  Saddam doesn't have a new family. He has a second wife.  A beautiful wife.  Uday then wonders where all that noise outside is coming from. He then hears shots.  He says it will keep him awake all night.  So he grabs a baseball bat and goes downstairs to the party. His brother tries to tells him not to go, but it is no use.   Uday goes over to the host of the party and tells him and the other party goers that this party is over. "You must all go home."  The host tells Uday that they have the presidentís blessing to this party. so they are entitled to enjoy it. "Why donít you leave us alone, sir"  Uday asks: "How dare you speak to me like that?" He then knocks the host in the head with the bat. The host dies. You killed him, Uday.  His brother comes down tot he party to investigate.  He tells his brother that this is very serious.  Uday says he will  get witnesses to say the host provoked him.   Hussein Jr. calls Saddam, who says he will deal with it.   Meanwhile Uday becomes very upset.  He grabs his gun and thinks about killing himself. When his brother keeps knocking at the bathroom door, Uday shoots through the door at him.

The blonde opens the door a bit, looking very sexy. Saddam goes to her.  Later he goes to Uday's hospital room.  He says:  "Everybody out but my idiot son."  He slaps his son and says:  "Give me one good reason why I shouldnít cut you into pieces?  Do you think violence is a past time?  What are we, barbarians. Put him in a cell."

The blonde cheers Saddam with her encouraging words. Saddam watches the video of Uday shooting up the night club awhile back. This type of behavior is normal when he drinks, says the lackey. He brings shame too often to your house, Saddam. 

The war with Iran has brought this nation to new heights we have been enhanced by war says Hussein. In fact, they are blessed by victory. Adnan says that others disagree. The question then is who dares challenge the president?  But the matter in hand is Uday.  Adnan tells Saddam to ask what Hussein Jr. thinks.  The lackey just plays kiss-ass with the president.

Saddam comes to prison to let his son out. He has a pistol in his hand. What am I to do about the Kurds? Loyal only to themselves. And what about America? Should I say thank you Mr. Bush?  Thank you for your credit,  for the rise in grain,  for your letters of friendship. Or do I scream at them for collaborating with Kuwait thereby squeezing the live out of my country.  Do I spend all our dollars on education and leave ourselves open to attack?  Maybe I should forget my responsibilities and drink and whore like my son. Tell me why?   Uday says:  "Because I am sorry.  Because I am your son. Nothing like this will ever happen again"  Udday says he promises heíll be good. Iím sorry. Yes, youíre sorry, says Saddam. He leaves. Hussein Jr.  asks Udday:  "Worried little prince?  Youíre no longer important."

Adnan goes up in a helicopter. Suddenly the helicopter explodes. Bye, bye Adnan.  Saddam tells his people:  I have sad news for all of us. It concerns a dear friend and a brave soldier. Adnan has died.  One of the men wants to know how Adnan died.  It was a helicopter accident.  Saddam says that we will all miss him greatly. He advised me of unrest in the army. Then he tells his henchmen to voice their grievances. "The floor is yours. "  No one says anything. So Saddam continues.  We face betrayal from Kuwait. Gen Rashid please leave the room by the door behind you. I demand absolute loyalty from my generals. One military man says that Hussein has all of their loyalty and love.

Qusay comes to speak to his father.  He asks him:  "What am I to tell his daughter?  Saddam answers:  "Her father has been put under house arrest and that will not chance as long as Iím president."  At home Qusay's wife tells him that as he is the presidentís son he must do something. She packs up her things to leave.  Qusay says:  "You are going nowhere. Stop it, please. You think you can just do as you please?  You canít.  Youíre my wife and that makes you my fatherís daughter. Accept it."

Saddam's first wife, their children and grandchildren come in to see Saddam.  The wife shouts:  "Here he is children. Your hero father. Your hero grandfather hiding behind his desk and his uniform."  Saddam asks:  "Sasha what do you want?"  Sasha says:  "Tell them why you killed my brother. Tell them. Tell me."  Saddam tells the children to show their mother to her rooms. Sasha finishes with:  Adnan was your friend, you loved him and you needed him. Now look what youíre left with? Nothing but men who are afraid of you. Saddam keeps to his lies:  "Adnan was killed in a tragic accident. I'm sorry.  Go shopping."

Saddam speaks to the Emir of Kuwait.  He says he doesn't want there to be any misunderstanding the Iraqis.  "You are declaring economic war on Iraq.  I'm asking you to stop. If you do not we will have to defend our honor."   The angry Emir says:  "You think you can intimidate me? You think you have powerful friends. But you're are not the only one with powerful friends."

Saddam asks someone from the State Department about his options as regards Kuwait.  The woman tells Saddam that she knows he needs funds to rebuild his country. But the United States has no opinion on Arab on Arab conflict --  such as the over the border conflict with Kuwait.  But the US president wants peace in the region.  Saddam reports back that the US representative expressed no opinion on Arab-Arab conflict.

Saddam says:  "We have no choice but to invade Iraq."

Kuwait City. Iraqi special forces drop bombs on Iraq now calls their 19th province. Their soldiers start appropriating Kuwaiti goods in compensation for lost Iraqi oil wealth. Uday sees the golden boy, Hussein Jr., who tries to ignore Uday. Uday asks him:  "Does my father know youíre here?  I have not forgotten about you, Hussein. My father has many favorites but only one first son."

US aircraft carriers are sent to the Gulf.  Saddam brags that it requires the might of 30 nations to face Iraq.   He learns that none of Iraq's grievances will be discussed until they leave Kuwait. Saddam holds onto the thought that Russia will never abandon Iraq.

Bush announces that the civilized world will not stand aside. America will not allow the strong to swallow up the weak.  Wolf Blitzer reports live from the pentagon.  The deadline for Iraq's pulling out of Kuwait passed four hours ago with no sign of Iraqi pull-out.  Saddam tells his people:  "Gentlemen, we are now at war. It takes 30 nations to stand against one Arab power.   One of his sons suggests that maybe they are playing into the hands of the Americans.  There will be no retreat, says another person, but the Americans have far better technology.   Saddam just says that America will not be able to stomach the loss of 10,000 of their soldiers. "God will be on our side in this, the mother of all battles."

Six weeks later. Baghdad is being bombed. Saddamís car is hit by another car. Saddam gets out of the car dazed. His second wife is all  busted up. The doctor tells Saddam that his wife has a fractured cheekbone. She will need stitches.   Saddam replies:  "See to it."  He tells his wife that he has to go.  He will arrange for her to be taken to safety.  He has to go.  

Bombs land around Baghdad. Saddam goes to the house of a man.  His aides tell him that he must get out of the city.   But Saddam says he will not leave. In 300 years the invasion of Kuwait will not look like a mistake, he says. Later he makes a speech on the radio. He tells the Iraqi people that they have won. You are glorious facing the might of 30 nations. How sweet victory is, he says. The oil fields of Kuwait burn.

Hussein Jr. orders the army to stand and fight. Deserters will be shot. He tells Saddam that the withdrawal from Kuwait is almost complete. He is ordering troops to regroup at the border. But someone else tells Hussein Jr. that it is too late for lies. The army is trapped. We are losing a lot of men. Large numbers are surrendering. Why wasnít I told, asks Saddam.. The Americans will cross the border. Saddam agains asks why did he not tell him this? You are the commander of my army. Hussein Jr. says:  There is nothing we can do to stop them. Saddam gives the order to pull back all of the Republican Guard units to defend Baghdad. Gen. Hussein gives new orders. To dead men, says Uday, which is what we are. Hussein Jr. wonders how some people can sleep.  "What were we thinking taking on America?" Uday asks his brother:  "Can I kill him now? No one would miss him"  Qusay says:  "Babba will miss him."  Uday replies: "If the Americans come, Iím going to put a bullet in his head"  His brother smiles and says:  "If the Americans come, I will be pleased to let you."

Babba wakes up.  The Americans have declared a ceasefire. They are withdrawing to the border. Itís confirmed. Saddam is so relieved that he says:  "This comes direct from God.  I need to see our people.  I must declare our victory.  This is a great victory, my sons."  He gets on his knees. "Praise be to Allah for saving Iraq."  Leaflets dropped from the air rain down on Saddam and his two sons.  They say:  "People of Iraq, rise up against Saddam!"  Saddam looks to the sky and shouts:  "This is my country!  This is my country!"


Part III.

By 1995 Iraq was crippled by UN sanctions.

Saddam says:  We are surrounded by enemies and collaborators. Weapons inspectors are nothing more than a temporary inconvenience.  He decides to have all evidence of attempts to make weapons of mass destruction buried in the ground. 

Baghdad, May 1995.

The weapons inspectors travel in a UN bus to inspect Iraqi facilities.  Their guide says to the bus driver that this is not the right way in. But the weapons inspectors say stop the bus right now.  The bus stops and the inspectors get out.  Iraqi soldiers fire in the air to stop them.

The incident is reported to Saddam.  The guide says that the weapons inspectors trust us now even less.  Saddam wants to talk about the sanctions.  No produce, no medicines and no books for the schools are available, all because of the sanctions. The review various possible strategies. Uday comes in.  Hussein Jr. asks him if he has any brilliant ideas.  Uday obviously does not like the question or the way it was phrased.  About the weapons inspectors, he tells his father:  "We should tell them to mind their own fucking business."

Saddam leaves saying he doesnít want to be disturbed. Uday confronts Hussein Jr.   "Any brilliant ideas, you say. Are you trying to make a fool of me in front of my father?"  He starts throwing food at Hussein Jr.  He then threatens to kill Hussein Jr.  He finished by throwing a whole plate of food on him. He says:  "The day is coming  The day is coming.."  Uday leaves. Hussein asks the others in the room why they tolerate Uday. 

Qusay comes in to see his father.  Saddam says he is descended from the Prophet.  I knew it, he says. We must always be on our guard, Qusay.   Qusay had wanted to talk to him about Uday, but he sees his father is preoccupied with thoughts of family glory.  

Hussein Jr. goes home.  His wife asks him what happened.  He says:  "Uday happened to me."  He threw food on him. His wife tells her husband she will say something to Babba, but the husband does not want her to do this.  

Uday and Qusay are with their mother. Their father is busy worrying about the effects of the sanctions. He is also writing the Koran with his own blood, seriously, says Uday. Saddam is seen giving blood.  With the blood he has a man write passages from the Koran.  

Today Iraq celebrates their victory over Iran.  Saddam comes in to speak to the main weapons inspector.  How many more years will these inspections take? he asks. You have already seen everything several times. Today his people petition him for favors and he has to be there to hear their petitions.  

Hussein Jr. and his brother-in-law drive up to a warehouse.  They are selling precious goods on the black market and making money off the practice.  Our country is dying, says Hussein Jr.  The warehouse manager tells Hussein that there is someone waiting to see him.  It's Uday with a pistol in his hand.  He says:  "Hey, golden boy. You like my new gun?  I'm taking your trucks and everything in them.  . . . Hasta la vista, baby. "  Hussein is very angry about losing his rich revenue source. 

The day is a National Holiday --  the anniversary day of the Victory over Iran. There is a Day of Days ball at Al-faw-palace in Baghdad.  300 family members and local dignitaries will attend. 

Hussein Jr. tells his wife that they have to leave. Please hurry up. Two minutes, no more. Uday stops an attractive woman servant carrying drinking glasses. He takes her into the bathroom and forces her to have sex with him.  Qusay is impatient and goes looking for his brother. Uday has coke and is snorting it.  The woman tries to leave, but he says:  "Hey, what are you doing?  I havenít finished with you."   Qusay comes in and says to Uday:  "Uday, not tonight, not here."  He tells the woman to go. He then tells Uday to make sure he cleans his nose. Uday takes more coke.

Hussein's wife says they are going miles out of their way to get to the ball.  Hussein says there is something he has to do. And finally he says:  "We're not going to the party."  The women are shocked.

 Qusay asks Tariq if his sisters and their husbands have arrived yet. Saddam is coming.

Hussein tells the wives that they are going to Jordan. Uday constantly threatens to kill Hussein. He adds that as long as your father is in power, the sanctions will not be lifted. We need a new leader. His wife asks him:  "And you think thatís you?"

Qusay says they left for the ball two hours ago. He says somethingís wrong.

Hussein's wife begs him to let her try to speak to Babba.  Nothing doing.  They go over the border into Jordan. Someone calls about the husbands and wives. Qusay tells his father that they have a crisis. The wives and husbands crossed the border into Jordan. Saddam is very upset. Alone, he looks at their framed pictures.

We have to bring them back says Saddam. He tells Tariq about the matter and Tariq quickly says that he knew nothing about this. Saddam assures him:  "Your loyalty is not in question."  Uday will apologize, but Tariq is to keep a low profile in Jordan. I'll do everything I can, says Tariq.

Amman, Jordan. Hussein Jr. says that Jordan is so different. He talks with CIA agent, saying that we have a common interest in replacing Saddam Hussein. But he needs assurance that the Americans will put their forces at his disposal.  He asks what other course of action is available to them?  What other candidates do they have for the position of president of Iraq?  Hussein's wife listens to what her husband is telling the agent and she is very uneasy about it. 

Uday says he always knew that Hussein Jr. was a snake.  He has put all the Majids in danger.

Hussein Jr. says that he suspects the King of Jordan will want them to dine with him tonight. So wear something nice, he tells his wife.  His wife tells him:  "You are giving up Iraqís secrets. You have no idea what your are doing. You know nothing about my father even after all these years."

Tariq and Uday speak to the King of Jordan and Mr. Cabariti his foreign minister. Tariq says that a misunderstanding has arisen that they wish to clear it up. They have come as friends to invite Hussein back to Iraq. But the Jordanians say it will not be possible.  He asked for political asylum and they granted his request.  Hussein fears for his safety.  Uday says his sisters have been forced into Jordan. The foreilgn minister says thatís all they have to say on the matter.   Uday says:  "My father will not be pleased."  As he leaves he says "Thank you for nothing."

The Iraqi couples are sheltered in the Royal Palace. Hussein says he can rule Iraq better than Saddam; that they are trying to save Iraq.

Saddam is outraged that Hussein Jr. denounces their country. He says There are traitors all around us and all controlled by the CIA. But we are watching them, my friend, and we will strike back. He tells his men to arrest anyone acting suspiciously. Bring them in.  He also changes his direction of thinking.  He decides to give the weapons inspectors everything they have about weapons of mass destruction.  He gives the order to dig it all up and place it on the land belonging to Hussein Jr.  Saddam figures that without any new information to provide the Americans, Hussein Jr. will not be worth protecting.   The head weapons instructor is told that the documents were just recovered and he comes to look at the maps and blueprints on Hussein Jr.'s property.

August 1995. Amman, Jordan.  Hussein Jr. meets with the head weapons inspector. He tells him that he and his inspectors have been chasing mirages. Everything has been destroyed. Since 1991, in fact.  The head inspector asks him if he expects them to believe what he says. Hussein says the weapons were a liability.  The inspectors says that he already has the blueprints for the entire program. Yes, they have seen them already. The Iraqi government found them in a chicken shed. A shed that belongs to Hussein Jr.  And the government reports that he has been acting alone to conceal information from the government and the inspectors.  Hussein Jr. says this is a lie, another joke of Saddam's.

Hussein Jr. complains to his wife that Saddam gave them everything. His wife says:  "You never really understood him, did you? The most important thing is loyalty at any cost."  And by the way, the King wants us to move out of the palace and into an apartment.

Saddam calls his first wife in to speak to him.  He says:  "You must miss your daughters."   She says:  "Of course. Saddam, what do you want me to do?"  Saddam wants her to help get their daughters back.  The wife wants to know if they will be safe if they return to Iraq.  Saddam answers:  "I give you my word. I want you to speak with them. They have been taken against their wills.  Tell them I want them to come home."

Hussein Jr. speaks with a representative of the Jordanian government.  He says that they have him on tape making threats to kill Saddam.  They threaten to take Hussein Jr. to court.  The representative says that this is not Iraq. We all live under the law.   Mother Hussein telephones her daughter.  Her daughter answers and is happy to speak with her mother.  

Hussein wants the CIA to protect him against Saddam.  But now the ball game has completely changes.  He has nothing the United States needs anymore.  And Hussein Jr. was part of Saddamís killing machine. The CIA agents tells him:  "You are on your own now, Iím sorry."  Hussein Jr. can't believe what he is hearing:  "Thatís it. Thatís all that America has to over."  The agent starts to leave saying:  "Watch out for assassins, General."

Hussein Jr. is in his room. Saddam calls him on the phone.  He says he is sending him a letter.  Saddam swears:  "We will not harm you. It is time for you to come home."

The wife can't believe that her husband trusts her father?  "Do you believe him?"  " He is a man of his word. Yes, I believe him."  "Then you are a fool, Hussein. You betrayed him."  She tells him that they will make the best of things here in Jordan. But her husband ilnsists that Saddam will forgive them.  Saddam's daughter explains again:  "He does not forgive traitors."

Qusay tells his father that on the routine searches the discovered a satellite phone used by the CIA.  Saddam tells his son not to make any arrests just yet.  "We have the system. Letís use it. We will just listen as other traitors call."

Gen. Hussein's brother-in-law says to him:  "I cant go back."  He doesnít want to be killed.  But the General insists:  "We are going back. Its been decided. I will kill you if you donít go back. I will not be nothing."

All four go back to Iraq. Uday and Qusay wait in their car along the border.  Qusay reminds his brother:  "No one is to be harmed."  When they arrive in Iraq, they are greeted by the two brothers.  Udays tells them:  "Out of the car! You wonít be harmed."  The sisters will go to Mama. Hussein Jr. tells his wife that he will be fine. They kiss good-bye. Uday then confiscates their weapons.  They take the men to the office at the border.  They command their captives to take off their shirts and berets. They are not fit to wear the uniform of Iraq.  They then demand that the two men sign the papers agreeing divorce their wives. Uday says:  "The President says you are nothing to him now."  He spits on Gen. Hussein.

The General's brother-in-law says at least they are alive. Hussein comments:  "We are divorced. I am nothing."

The satellite phone system produced 800 names. The arrests will begin at dawn. Saddam tells Qusay to show him the faces of these traitors. Qusay shows him slides of the traitors' faces.  The round-up of the traitors begins. The men are arrested, beaten, thrown in jail and beaten again.  After the arrests are finished, Saddam uses the sattelite phone to call the CIA.  He says:  "Your boys are now my gust. It is unlikely you will be seeing them again."  He hangs up and tells his boys that  America wants to control Iraq. They will never give up until Iím gone, he says.

Saddam talks to Tariq. He says that Tariq must remove the stain on the family name. Tariq says he will erase the shame brought on his family by his nephews. Saddam tells him to make sure itís done properly --  in the Bedouin way.  Tariq pulls up to the house where his nephews are staying. With him are a number of soldiers.  He tells the fellows to come outside.  Hussein Jr. tells his uncle that the President has spared them.  Tariq shouts:  "But the tribe has found you guilty."  They give the two men a few weapons and then open fire on them as soon as they are back inside the house. The guys go upstairs and shoot back at the soldiers. It does not take long before Hussein's brother-in-law is hit. He dies.  Then Hussein Jr. is hit.  He goes downstairs and runs into Tariq.  He asks his uncle:  "You call this fair Ali?"  Tariq shoots his nephew once.  He then walks over to the body and puts three more slugs into Hussein.  He throw the pistol down and leaves.

Saddam speaks to his too very dejected daughters.  He gives them a box:  "For the children. Chocolates. . . . You look well both of you. How is your mother?"  She is a widow like her daughters.  Saddam says:  "I see you are still my daughters so you will understand. What happened was a necessary end."  But the daughters don't understand.  Huseein's widow says:  " He was my husband.  You chose him for me and I loved him. By killing them you have destroyed a part of us both. May we leave now."  Their father raises his right hand to indicate they can go. They leave. Saddam seems sad.


Part IV.

President George W. Bush on television says to the Iraqi people that they will tear down the apparatus of terror and help the Iraqis build a new prosperous and free nation. The tyrant will soon be gone. The day of your liberation is near.

Qusay arrives at the central bank. He tells the manager that this letter makes everything legal and proper. The gold is turned over to him.

Explosions go off. Saddam tells his sons that the family will leave. They will not stay together. "You have your own money."  "Yes, papa."  "Now go. Allah will keep you safe."

The two widowed sisters drive up in an SUV at their mother's place.  Mom is busy packing some glasses she wants to take with her.  The elder daughter tells her:  "Mama, they are not important.  We have to go."  They have to go quickly. Grandson Mustafa says he will stay home and wait.  They leave him behind..

Saddam and one body guard get in to a car and leave.

Six weeks later. Tikrit, Iraq. US forces coming into the town.

Saddam walks around Tikrit, while US troops are there in the town. He makes a telephone call. He calls his second wife. "Samira itís me. This is the last time I will be able to call you. Donít worry about me. Think about yourself. Lebanon will be a good place for you."  Will you come? asks Samira.  She says she misses him. He hangs up. 

June 2003. Tigris River, near Tikrit. Saddam is believed to be around Tikrit. Some reports say he may have been killed. A boy swims in the river.  Getting out he runs into Saddam, who tells the boy to say nothing if he wants to live. The President now lives in a small hut with his bodyguard and another man.

Saddam says he will give a speech to all his people. They will be inspired to even greater sacrifices. The equipment is ready.  He makes a tape of his speech.  He tells the Iraqi people to keep up the fight against the occupiers. They will evict the invaders from Iraq.  The mother and daughters now at least know Saddamís alive.  On the television they see reports of more mass graves being discovered filled with the victims of Saddam's mass murders.  The younger sister says: "American propaganda."   They discuss if they have anything to be afraid of.  Mother says they have nothing that doesnít belong to them:  "We have nothing to hide."

Saddam does the cooking. A vehicle is coming. They rush Saddam inside. It turns out to be a false alarm.  It's their own man. The men asks him why didnít he signal them sooner?  He said he did.  The news is that the Americans are making more raids tonight, mainly in Tikrit, but they could sweep the river day or night.

July 2003, Mosul. I hate all this moving around says Uday. He says they should be out of the country. Qusay says everythingís o..k. They drive to the house of their cousin Zadar.  At first the cousin refuses to take them in saying:  "You trying to get my family killed?"  The aide with the brothers tells him:  "If you refuse them, how long do you think you will last?"  The cousin agrees to let them stay, but says for only two days.

Their cousin asks the boys how long they will be staying.  The brothers give him a lot of American money and then Uday says: "Now piss off!"   The service man comes again.

Saddam learns that there are wanted poster for him and his sons.  The Americans are offering $25 million dollars reward for information leading to their capture. Saddam says it is of no concern. "  I am going to the river to fish."

Zadar goes to US army headquarters.

The young boy talks with Saddam. Saddam tells him how he ran away from when he was young. You didnít mention me to anyone?  No, says the boy, but he knows who he is. Saddam Hussein. He adds:  "My father says you will kick the Americans out."  But the Americans took his father away two nights ago.

US army vehicles pull up to the building where Qusay and Uday are staying. Zadar is gone.  Uday shouts:  "The bastard!  He sold us out."   Qusay gives Mustafa a weapon to fight with. He tells his brother:  "We either die now or hang within a month." Uday says:  "I donít want to die now."

The officer in charge of the unit from the 101st Airborne Division uses a bullhorn to tell the brothers:  "You are surrounded. Come out slowly and you will not be harmed. This will be your only warning."   "So we die," says Uday. The body guard is hit and killed. Then the brothers see the soldiers point a big artillery piece at their window.  The shell blows a big hole in the wall. No one is moving inside.

Saddam goes into a hole. He gets very angry saying that he couldn't breathe down there.  They need an exhaust fan down there. Saddam is told that Uday, Qusay and Mustafa have been killed. That stops him in his tracks. Saddam goes down to the river. The boy comes down. Saddam says:  "My sons are dead."

The death of the sons, says Paul Bremer, makes this a great day for the Iraqis. Their mother learns of the death from the TV.   Her elder daughter says to her:  "Mama, you have to be strong"  She cries and says:  "They put my sonís bodies on television and showed them to the world. Why?  Itís over isnít it?  Itís all over."  The daughters say they will go to Jordan where they will be safe.

Saddam and his two men walk to the burial place of the two sons and Mustafa.  Saddam places Iraqi flags over the three graves. Saddam says that when they return to the hut, hewill speak to the people. The fight must continue.

The body guard delivers the tape to their contact man in town. The fan is working now. but Saddam insists that his men try it first. He tells one of them to sit inside the hole for one hour to test it. A big explosion is heard. Saddam wonders what is the source and the men tell him that it is a roadside bomb. Saddam gets very excited:  "You know what it means? It means the Iraqis are fighting back."  He says he must develop a plan and get in touch with the resistance.

The Americans arrest Saddam's contact in town and everyone else living in the building. The contact man is beaten.

The bodyguard goes into town to see his girlfriend. She says she has missed him so much. The Americans come in and arrest him.

Back at the hut, the men worry about what happened to the bodyguard.  Curfews never stopped him before. Heíll come.  Maybe he went to see that woman again. Saddam says the bodyguard wonít be back. Get the boat. We will cross the river after dark. Saddam is looking more and more like a homeless man. At the river the boy tells him not to go. The American are everywhere. Saddam sends him back home. Saddam then returns to the hut. The Americans are coming. They are very close.

The two men run for it, while Saddam gets into the hole. The soldiers approach the hut. They find the chest filled with American money. The stove is still hot. The check the riverbed area and capture the two aides. One of the Iraqis gives Saddam up. He tells him that Saddam is within a short distance of them.  The officer says thatís bullshit!  But he tells his men to look for anything out of place. Move!

A soldiers finds the new exhaust fan box. Heís here, says the officer.  "The son of a bitch is here."  Find the entrance. They lift the hatch cover and fire inside. Saddam gives up.  He comes out with his hands raised.  Face down on the ground he says:   "I am Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq." And heís willing to negotiate.


The Court finds Saddam Hussein guilty of five separate counts of crimes against humanity.  He is sentenced to be hanged until he is dead. 

December 30, 2006.  Saddam is executed. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


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