Howard Beach: Making the Case for Murder (1989)




Director:     Dick Lowry.

Starring:     Daniel J. Travanti (Joe Hynes), William Daniels (Slaney), Joe Morton (Cederic Sandiford), Cliff Gorman (Bernstein), Bruce A. Young, Regina Taylor, Bill Cwikowski, Dan Lauria, Gregory Alan Williams (Charlie Brasher), Ron Beattie, Gerry Becker (Ed Boyer), Ray Bradford, Kate Buddeke), Julianne Buescher (Theresa Fisher), Michael P. Byrne.

Made for TV movie.

Howard Beach is an Italian-American neighborhood in Queens, New York City.  In a true story a black man attempts to get a pizza at a local pizza place and is chased by a group of youths from the neighborhood.  They chase him and he is killed when he is struck by an automobile in his attempt to cross a busy highway.  Special Prosecutor Joe Hynes is a very determined man in his attempt to find the truth and bring the teens to justice.


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