c. 858-895  --  High Prince Álmos (first Hungarian leader)

c. 895-907  --  Árpád (led the Magyars into Central Europe)

Honfoglalás (The Conquest) (1996) – 896 AD, Magyar chief Arpad (Nero) and his seven tribes comes out of the steppes and into the Carpathian basin

997-1038 -- Stefan 1 (last Grand Prince and first King of Hungary)

Szent Gellért legendája (1994) – 11th century Hungary

Árpád népe (2006) – 11th century Hungary

István király (1992) – first king of Hungary, King Stephen (1001-1038)

István, a király (1984)  --  King Stephen of Hungary

1047-1061 --  Andrew I, Árpád dynasty restored; lasted to 1301

Bánk bán (1987) –  13th century Hungary

1310-1342  -- Charles I, establishes the Angevin dynasty in Hungary; lasts until 1386

1446-1453 -- John Hunyadi serves as regent of Hungary

X The Black Knight (2009)  --  General John Hunyadi defends Hungary from the Turks in the mid-15th century

Ítélet (1970) – 1500s Peasant Revolution in Hungary

1608-1619  --  Matthias II

Bathory (2008) – Countess Elizabeth Báthory (1560-1614) of Hungary, accused serial killer, but rather a modern Renaissance woman

X  Die Grafin (The Countess)  --  Elizabeth Báthory (in German with German subtitles)

Csínom Palkó (1973) –1700s Hungarian history

1848-1916  --  Francis Joseph

Szirmok, virágok, koszorúk (Flowers of Reverie) (1984) --  after Russians beat down the 1848-1849 Hungarian revolution, Hungarian soldier wrestles with his accepting a forced enrollment into the Austrian army

Szegénylegények (The Hopeless Ones; The Poor Outlaws; The Round-Up) (1966)  -- after the Kossuth Rebellion, the Hungarian police round up peasants and subjected them to psychological torture

80 huszár (80 Hussars) (1978) – Hungarian revolution of 1848-1849

A Hídember (The Bridgeman) (2002)  --   story of Istvan Szechenyi, the nineteenth-century Hungarian revolutionary

Szabadságharc Szebenben (2007) – 1860s Hungary

A komáromi fiú (1987) – 19th century Hungry


Behind the Iron Curtain:

Tüzoltó utca 25 (25 Fireman's Street) (2004)   --  Hungary  and trouble with Nazis and the Communists

Csend és kiáltás (Silence and Cry) (1967)  --  the rightist police in Hungary track down and kill former Hungarian Red Army soldiers

Szökés (Escape from Recsk) (1997) --  political Hungarians of the wrong persuasion secretly arrested and sent to labor camp at Recsk

A Tanú (The Witness) (1969)  --  satire of Stalinist government in Hungary

Guilty of Treason (1950)  --  Cardinal Josef Mindszenty protests against Soviet occupation of Hungary and is persecuted for it

Sunshine (1999)  --  three generations of Hungarian Jews from c. 1900 to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Szabság, Szabszerelem (Children of Glory) (2006)  -- a growing number of Hungarians are demanding independence

A temetetlen halott (The Unburied Man) (2004) – Imre Nagy (1896–1958) was PM of Hungary; his second term was ended by the Soviet invasion during Hungarian Revolution of 1956  (no English options)

Liberté '56 (Liberty '56) (2007) --  Hungarian Revolution

Köszönet a szabadság höseinek (2006) – Hungarian Revolution

Csendkút (2007) – Hungarian Revolution

A nap utcai fiúk (2007)  --  Hungarian Revolution

Napló apámnak, anyámnak (1990)  --  a young female student grows to adulthood in the shadow of the Hungarian Revolution

Megáll az idö (Time Stands Still) (1982)  --  two brothers during the uprisings of the 1960's in Budapest

No Greater Love (2005)  --  a 16 minute short film about the Hungarian refugees following the Hungarian Revolution 

Szabadság tér '56 (56 Freedom Square) (1997) – Hungarian Revolution

Budakeszi srácok (2006)  --  Hungarian Revolution

Az asszony (1996) – Hungarian Revolution

The Journey (1959)  --  Lady Ashmore is caught in Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution and wants to get into Austria; hidden on the bus is a Hungarian dissenter wanted by the police