In Harm's Way (1965)




Director:     Otto Preminger.

Starring:     John Wayne (Captain Rockwell 'Rock' Torrey), Kirk Douglas (Commander Paul Eddington), Patricia Neal (Lieutenant Maggie Haynes), Tom Tryon (Lieutenant William 'Mac' McConnel), Paula Prentiss (Bev McConnel), Brandon De Wilde (Ensign Jeremiah 'Jere' Torrey), Jill Haworth (Ensign Annalee Dorne), Dana Andrews (Admiral 'Blackjack' Broderick), Stanley Holloway (Clayton Canfil), Burgess Meredith (Commander Egan Powell), Franchot Tone (CINCPAC I), Patrick O'Neal (Commander Neal Owynn), Carroll O'Connor (Lieutenant Commander Burke), Slim Pickens (C.P.O Culpepper), James Mitchum (Ensign Griggs).

attack on Pearl Harbor and fictitious counter-offensive in a backdoor operation


The film is just not historical enough to provide a summary.  The action starts at Pearl Harbor the day before the Japanese attacked the naval base there.  But there is no real portrayal of the actual attack.  The action that does take place is fiction.  As I was listening to the names of the islands of the South Pacific where the action would take place, I kept saying I never heard of these places.  Well, the reason for that is that it is almost all fiction.  There are no such islands as Gavabutu and Levu Vana. 

As a story it is pretty good.  But it's just completely fiction with the exception of a few names and dates.  There are a hell of a lot of actors and actress that we recognized.  It was fun seeing these old faces.  

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 









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