Inchon! (1982)



Director:    Terence Young .

Starring:    Laurence Olivier (Gen. Douglas MacArthur), Jacqueline Bisset (Barbara Hallsworth), Ben Gazzara (Maj. Frank Hallsworth), Toshirô Mifune (Saito-San), Richard Roundtree (Sgt. Augustus Henderson), David Janssen (David Feld), Kung-won Nam (Park), Gabriele Ferzetti (Turkish Brigadier), Rex Reed (Longfellow), Sabine Sun (Marguerite), Dorothy James (Jean MacArthur), Karen Kahn (Lim), Lydia Lei (Mila), James T. Callahan (Gen. Almond), Rion Morgan (Pipe journalist).

The Rev. Sung Myung Moon's Unification Church (known derisively as the "Moonies") had this film made for his church.  The battle scenes are big, that's about all you can say for this film.




Spoiler Warning:

North Korean troops pushed South Korean, US and UN forces almost all the way off the Korean peninsula.  

MacArthur takes the incredibly risky maneuver of an amphibious landing of allied troops north of and behind North Korean lines.  It turns the tide and soon the North Koreans are running for their lives northward back into North Korea. 

But then when MacArthur passes north of the 38th parallel line, he grows cocky and arrogant. As in all tragedies, hubris plays a part, because pride goeth before the fall.  As a premonition of more trouble to come in Vietnam, America was too blinded by its extreme anti- communism, and reflecting this MacArthur thought the Chinese were a mere puppet government of the Soviet Union and, therefore, would not intervene because the Soviet Union would not risk it.

As MacArthur approached the Yalu River boundary between China and North Korea, he got a big surprise with hundreds of Chinese troops suddenly pouncing on the totally unsuspecting allied troops.  Once again the allies were pushed way below the 38th parallel.

It would take Gen. Matthew Ridgeway to turn the tide again.





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