Indictment: The McMartin Trial (1995)




Director:    Mick Johnson.

Starring:    James Woods (Danny Davis), Mercedes Ruehl (Lael Rubin), Lolita Davidovich (Kee McFarlane), Sada Thompson (Virginia McMartin), Henry Thomas (Raymond Buckey), Shirley Knight (Peggy Buckey), Mark Blum (Wayne Satz), Alison Elliott (Peggy Ann Buckey), Chelsea Field (Christine Johnson), Joe Urla (Glenn Stevens), Scott Waara (Dean Gits), Valerie Wildman (Diana Sullivan), Richard Bradford (Ira Reiner), Scott Armstrong (Sean), Roberta Bassin (Judy Johnson), Patricia Belcher (Juror #1), Gabrielle Boni (Tara), Kathryn Brock (Sybil Brand Deputy), Betsy Brockhurst (Angry Parent), Dennis Burkley (George Freeman), Katsy Chappell (Denise), Richelle Churchill (Rubin's Secretary).


Periodically the United States goes crazy.  It has a history of the out-of-control craziness, including the witch trials, the Palmer Raid, Prohibition, and the current character assassinations based on the personal lives of our politicians.  The sudden rabid hunt for child molesters among our nation's teachers is just one example of the nation's tendency to leap before it looks or shoot first and ask questions later.  

The scandal started in 1983 with a mother's call to the police charging abuse of her little boy by the staff of his day-care center. (No one knew at the time that the woman had a history of leveling abuse charges.) The McMartin family ran the center. Then the frenzy started with a zealous social worker and a persistent, stubborn D.A. who refused to listen to the doubts about the case. The McMartins were in in jail during the entire trial.  









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