The Informer (1935)




Director:    John Ford.

Starring:    Victor McLaglen (Gypo Nolan), Heather Angel (Mary McPhillip), Preston Foster (Dan Gallagher), Margot Grahame (Katie Madden), Wallace Ford (Frankie McPhillip), Una O'Connor (Mrs. McPhillip), J. M. Kerrigan (Terry), Joseph Sauers (Bartly Mulholland), Donald Meek (Peter Mulligan), D'Arcy Corrigan (The Blind Man), Leo McCabe (Donahue), Steve Pendleton (Dennis Daly), Francis Ford ('Judge' Flynn), May Boley (Madame Betty).

Oscar:        Victor McLaglen; John Ford; Steiner and Dudley Nichols (for best screenplay)




The Irish always had a big problem with their fellow countrymen acting as informers for the British.  In this film, McLaglen informs on a friend in order to collect the reward money during the Irish Rebellion of 1922.

See "Michael Collins" for historical background on the Irish Rebellion.


Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


Historical Background:


See Michael Collins (1996).






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