The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958)




Director:  Mark Robson

Starring:   Ingrid Bergman (Jan-Ai former Mrs. Gladys Aylward), Curd Jurgens (Capt. Lin Nan), Robert Donat (Mandarin of Yang Cheng), Michael David (Hok-A), Athene Seyler (Jeannie Lawson), Ronald Squire (Sir Francis Jannison), Moultrie Kelsall (Dr. Robinson), Richard Wattis (Mr. Murphy), Peter Chong (Yang), Tsai Chin (Sualan), Edith Sharpe (Secretary at China Inland Mission), Joan Young (Sir Francis' cook), Lian-Shin Yang (woman with baby), Noel Hood (Miss Thompson), Burt Kwouk (Li).


Gladys Aylward wants to go to China as a missionary.  But she is rejected as such because she does not have the qualifications.  Not to be deterred, she works as a domestic to earn enough money to go to China.  She lives in a poor, remote village, where she finds a happy, fulfilled life. 

That peaceful, happy life, however, is disturbed by Japan's invasion of China.  Gladys rises to the occasion and makes a long journey to save the lives of the children of the village. 

Good feel-good movie (as long as you ignore the larger evil of the Japanese invasion of China).  Good performance by Bergman. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D. 







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