Inside Job (2010)





Director:     Charles Ferguson.

Narrator:     Matt Damon. 

deregulation is turning the USA into an oligarchy with corrupt systems of business, politics and academia




The USA Economy as Just One Big Ponzi Scheme


The film "Inside Job" makes the point that starting with Pres. Reagan deregulation of the economy became the guiding principle of the economy of the USA.  After the depression and afterwards changes were made to protect us from the excesses of greed and fraud in the American economic system.  With the constant election of very conservative presidents the trend continued to the point that virtually all the key economic advisers and heads of the Federal Reserve are believers in deregulation. 

This has led to the corruption of the American government, as well as the economy.  The Republicans started gutting so many regulatory agencies and passing anti-regulatory bills that it removed the risk of failure for American businessmen and women.  This led them to create extremely risky schemes that led to huge bubbles in the economy that the conservatives said were just the good results of the deregulations of the economy.

The deregulation of the economy led to the financial sector of the United States to becoming too extremely powerful.  It became so powerful that the financial sector is turning the United States into an oligarchy led and controlled by the extremely rich and extremely powerful.   The United States is by far the most unequal of all the developed nations.  Wealth has been allowed to accumulate so much in the hands of the top 1% percent of the nation that the money these wealthy people have gives them enormous power and their enormous power has corrupted our way of life. 

The Republicans have so much money available that they can swamp markets with campaign advertisements that make it hard for Democrats to win elections.  The advertising campaigns can also insure that the rich and wealthy will keep getting more and more of the goodies of life, so that they can really take over. 

The film shows how the economics departments of our best universities have become corrupted by the money of the wealthy.  Academic economists now make huge money writing favorable reports for businesses and chambers of commerce.  In fact, there is an incestuous relationship involving business, politics and academics.  These believers in deregulation can so easily switch from one field to the other so they are always sheltered by one of the corrupt sectors of the United States. 

These bastard deregulators are still trying to ruin not only the United States, but the world.  Their most recent bubble burst creating a world-wide recession in which millions of people all over the world lost their jobs. 

And what's so funny is that the very people who are the angriest at the US government are not the wealthy but the not-so-well-off white citizens who are afraid of any further equality between whites on the one-hand and blacks and browns on the other.  These people are killing us and the nation as a whole.   They want the conservative trends that created this recession to continue.  They want the United States to become more unequal.  They will create an oligarchy that totally runs this country, if we don't stop them. 


The Rouge's Gallery of the Deregulators:   Men to Absolutely Hate:


Alan Greenspan

Ben Bernanke

Tim Geithner

Hank Paulson

Larry Summers

Paul Volcker

None of these deregulators greatly responsible for damaging the world agreed to be interviewed for the film. 



Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.


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