Es geschah am 20. Juli (It Happened on July 20th; Jackboot Mutiny) (1955)




Director:    Georg Wilhelm Pabst.


B&W, 74 minutes, German with English subtitles.



Historical Background:


Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg was the leader in an attempt to kill Hitler and get rid of the Nazi regime.  Stauffenberg himself plans to leave a suitcase bomb near Hitler at a conference of Nazi leaders.   

1944 (July 20)  --  the suitcase bomb explodes in Hitler's headquarters.

Unfortunately, one of the officers attending the conference, moves the suitcase from near Hitler to the other side of a large wooden support for the table.  When the bomb went off, the explosion was redirected just enough to save Hitler's life.   Hitler was wounded in the arm and had a hard time using it for a while. 

The conspiracy was soon crushed, its ringleaders were rounded up and many were killed in extremely gruesome ways (first being set up on meat hooks).  The famous German general Rommel got off easy by being allowed to commit suicide. 

The movie recreates the plot to kill Hitler. 



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