Joe Maddison's War (2010)





Director:     Patrick Collerton. 

Starring:     Sammy T. Dobson (Sheila Maddison),  James Atherton (Tommy Cowell),  Angela Lonsdale (Polly Maddison), James Baxter (Alan Maddison),  Kevin Whately (Joe Maddison),  John Woodvine (Father Connolly),  Robson Green (Harry Crawford),  Trevor Fox (Eddie Turnbull),   Niek Versteeg (Billy Nicholson),  Derek Jacobi (Mr. Simpson),  Jackie Phillips (Lily Parkinson),  Madelaine Newton (Jenny Barlow),  Charlie Richmond (Sergeant Bull).

in WWII, WWI veteran Joe and his friends join the Home Guard amidst considerable family problems


Spoiler Warning:  below is a summary of the entire film.









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