Journey to Shiloh (1968)




Director:     William Hale.

Starring:     James Caan (Buck Burnett), Michael Sarrazin (Miller Nalls), Brenda Scott (Gabrielle DuPrey), Don Stroud (Todo McLean), Paul Petersen (J.C. Sutton), Michael Burns (Eubie Bell), Jan-Michael Vincent (Little Bit Lucket), Harrison Ford (Willie Bill Bearden), John Doucette (Gen. Braxton Bragg), Noah Beery Jr. (Sgt. Mercer Barnes), Tisha Sterling (Airybelle Sumner), James Gammon (Tellis Yeager), Brian Avery (Carter Claiborne), Clarke Gordon (Col. Mirabeau Cooney), Robert Pine (Collins).

Battle of Shiloh, April 6-7, 1862



Spoiler Warning:




An anti-war film.  In one sense it's a road trip journey because seven from Texas are heading out to Virginia to join up with the Texas confederates led by John B. Hood.  On their journey they are beset with numerous problems that slowly whittle down their numbers.  They never actually make it to their goal.  Instead, they are tricked into joining the Confederate Army long before Virginia.  Most Southern films dealing with Confederate troops show a bunch of rednecks who just can't wait for a chance to kill Yankees.  They enthusiastically show the Southern forces being all gung-ho to fight.  War for the Texas seven doesn't turn out like they thought it would.  They get into big trouble with the Southern army itself and some grow to regret they ever came out to fight for the Confederacy. One by one the men die, until there is only on soldier left.  And he goes back home to Texas with the cooperation of his sergeant who feels bad about what happened to the Texas seven. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.. 




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