Julia (1977)





Director:    Fred Zinnemann

Starring:    Jane Fonda (Lillian), Vanessa Redgrave (Julia), Jason Robards (Hammett), Maximilian Schell (Johann), Hal Holbrook (Alan), Rosemary Murphy (Dottie), Meryl Streep (Anne Marie), Dora Doll (Woman Passenger), Elisabeth Mortensen (Girl Passenger), John Glover (Sammy), Lisa Pelikan (Young Julia), Susan Jones (Young Lillian), Cathleen Nesbitt (Grandmother), Maurice Denham (Undertaker), Mark Metcalf (Pratt).

Oscars:       Robards , Alvin Sargent (screenwriter), Redgrave


A lot of the movies produced in and about the McCarthy era are politically controversial, because the fight between liberals and conservatives from those days goes on and on. The liberals charged the author Lillian Hellman with intellectual dishonesty, if not downright lying.  

A friend of Lillian Hellman, named Julia, draws Hellman into involvement with the European resistance movement in the 1930s.   Robards plays the role of her husband, the writer Dashiell Hammett.  


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