Juno and the Paycock (1930)




Director:  Alfred Hitchcock.

Starring:  Barry Fitzgerald (The Orator), Maire O'Neill (Mrs. Madigan), Edward Chapman (Captain Boyle), Sidney Morgan ('Joxer' Daly), Sara Allgood (Mrs. Boyle, 'Juno'), John Laurie (Johnny Boyle), Dave Morris (Jerry Devine), Kathleen O'Regan (Mary Boyle), John Longden (Charles Bentham), Dennis Wyndham (The Mobiliser), Fred Schwartz (Mr. Kelly).

Irish family breakdown and son accused of being an informant






Good movie.  I liked this movie.  It reminds me a bit of Eugene O'Neil and his Long Day's Journey into Night.  One gets a look at an Irish family that at first seems to be doing not great, but o.k. and then the ugliness is gradually revealed. The family is actually in big trouble.  The hope of an inheritance kept the family in good spirits, but the loss of this hope is followed by further deterioration of the family.  Making things even worse, the son is accused of being an informant for the British. 

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.





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