Knight Without Armor (1937)





Director:     .

Starring:     Marlene Dietrich (Countess Alexandra Vladinoff), Robert Donat (Ainsley J. Fothergill, aka Peter Ouronov), Irene Vanbrugh (Duchess of Zorin), Herbert Lomas (General Gregor Vladinoff), Austin Trevor (Colonel Adraxine), Basil Gill (Axelstein), David Tree (Alexis Maronin), John Clements (Poushkoff), Frederick Culley (Stanfield), Laurence Hanray (Forrester), Dorice Fordred (The Maid), Franklin Kelsey (Tomsky), Laurence Baskcomb (Commissar), Hay Petrie (Station Master), Miles Malleson (Drunken Red Commissar).

English spy gets caught up in the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War


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