Kongo  (1997)





Director:     Vincent Rouffaer. 

Starring:     Lucas Van den Eynde (Guy Moeyaert), Guy Van Sande (Luk Vermarcke), Hans de Munter (Jean Roland), Roger Bolders (Vader Alexis), Rik van Uffelen (Maurice Vermarcke), Michael Pas (Arthur), Peter Rouffaer (Ingenieur Lenaers), Johan van Assche (François Stevenin), François Beukelaers (Karel Horemans), Geert Vermeulen (Pater Wim Crabb), Willy Thomas (Michel Vandenbosche).

3 DVD mini-series; a well-meaning colonial official working in a jungle district of the Belgian Congo in the waning years of white colonial rule has a rough times governing because of the many problems he faces; it gets worse when the call goes out for independence


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