Land and Freedom (1995)



Director:     Ken Loach.

Starring:    Ian Hart (David Carr), Rosana Pastor (Blanca), Icar Bollan (Maite), Tom Gilroy (Lawrence), Marc Martnez (Juan Vidal), Frdric Pierrot (Bernard Goujon), Andrs Aladren (Militia member), Sergi Calleja (Militia member), Raffaele Cantatore (Militia member), Pascal Demolon (Militia member), Paul Laverty (Militia member), Josep Magem (Militia member), Eoin McCarthy (Connor), Jurgen Muller (Militia member), Vctor Roca (Militia member).

British volunteer who wants to fight for the Loyalists in the Spanish civil war, 1936-1939, while engaging in a great deal of dialogue on the reasons for the conflict.



Spoiler Warning:





Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.

Historical Background:


See Disappearance of Garcia Lorca  (1997).






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