Land Girls (2009)




Director:    Roland Moore. 

Starring:     Becci Gemmell (Joyce Fisher), Jo Woodcock (Bea Finch), Susan Cookson (Esther Reeves), Mark Benton (Frederick Finch), Liam Boyle (Billy Finch), Mykola Allen (Martin Reeves), Danny Webb (Sgt. Dennis Tucker), Sophie Ward (Lady Ellen Hoxley), Summer Strallen (Nancy Morrell), Christine Bottomley (Annie Barratt), Raquel Cassidy (Diana Granville), Nicholas Shaw (John Fisher), Clive Wood (Jack Gillespie), Seline Hizli (Connie Carter), Nathaniel Parker (Lord Lawrence Hoxley), Carolyn Pickles (Mrs. Gulliver), Alfie Tongue (Baby William).

Based on Angela Huth's novel.

The story is set in WWII around  the British Women's Land Army (a.k.a. "land girls").  The women worked on farms to replace the male farm workers headed to the front.
The experiences of four women during the war and in the service of their country alter them forever.


Spoiler Warning: 

The original Land Girls (1998) is a much better film than the television series.  The original had some very big female stars or women actors who became well-known.  The original is also more informative about the Land Girls and more closely tied to British history of the period.  In the original the young women become very close to each other emotionally.  They also came to be very close with the farm family that provide them a place to stay.  It's this warm-heartedness that makes the original such a good film. 

Land Girls (2009) is not a bad story.   It kept my wife's and my interests.  But in this version there is a larger group of women and they have lots of fights between them.  And there are more serious problems for the young women in this 2009 version.  The story's more tawdry.  One of the women becomes pregnant.  Another has an affair with the lord of the manor.  The lord and lady of the manor don't like each other and are always fighting.  Another woman has an air force fellow who goes AWOL to see her and gets in lots of trouble.  And still another woman has fallen out of love with her husband.  When he is reported killed in action she finds a new love.  The problem is that the airman is not dead.  Lots of drama and problems substitutes for the warm feelings of the original film. 

So stick with the 1998 original of the Land Girls

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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