The Last Drop (2005)




Director:     Colin Teague. 

Starring:     Laurence Fox (SS Major Kessler),  Louis Dempsey (Snyder),  Lucy Gaskell (Benitta),  Coral Beed (Saskia),  Andrew Howard (Cpl Edward Banks),  Jack Dee (Warren),  Neil Newbon (Cpl Rhys Powell),  Nick Moran (Pvt Alan Ives),  Rafe Spall (Pvt. David Wellings),  Tommy Flanagan (Pvt Dennis Baker),  Sean Pertwee (Sgt Bill McMillan),  Billy Zane (Flt Sgt Robert Oates),  Neil Jackson (Flt Sgt Simkins),  Steve Speirs (Gustav Hansfeldt),  Agathe de La Boulaye (Katrina),  David Ginola (Corp Dieter Max),  Karel Roden (Sgt Hans Beck),  Alexander Skarsgrd (Lt Jergen Voller),  Michael Madsen (Col J.T. Colt),  Todd Spangler (Shannon),  Dave Evans (Pvt Meyer),  Justin Thomson (Steiner),  Gheorge Debre (Mayer),  Ioana Popescu (Mayer's Wife),  Diarmid Scrimshaw (Museum Guide),  Aoife Madden (Janet),  Lauretta Lewis (June).

the British hatch a plan, Operation Market Garden, that proves a flop; a small unit collides with three renegade German soldiers, out to steal Dutch national treasures for themselves; Sept. 17-25, 1944



This isn't really an historical film.  It's more of a crime drama set during Operation Market Garden.  But someone might think it's historical and get it and then be disappointed that there is little or no history here.  It does, however, give us a chance to introduce the huge parachute drop involved in Operation Market Garden. 

The film is good as an action movie.  Lots of killing and explosions. 


Operation Market Garden (September 1725, 1944) was the plan put forward by General Montgomery of the British forces to try and shorten the war by cutting off German troops in the Netherlands primarily from German supply routes. The operation was the largest airborne operation of all time.

It largely failed because there was basically one major road heading into the area on which Allied men, machines and supplies would come and it was soon blocked up by German resistance. Difficulties in advancing the ground drop were increased when the Germans blew up a bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal at Son.

The British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem met a lot of resistance and only managed to hold one end of the Arnhem road bridge before they were overrun by the Germans.

The Allies failed to cross the Rhine with sufficient force to take and hold the area around the Rhine River. The failure of Operation Market Garden meant that the Allies were not going to end by war in 1944.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.



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