Left-Handed Gun (1958)




Director:    Arthur Penn.

Starring:     Paul Newman (Billy Bonney), Lita Milan (Celsa), John Dehner (Pat Garrett), Hurd Hatfield (Moultrie), James Congdon (Charlie Boudre), James Best (Tom Folliard), Colin Keith-Johnston (Tunstall), John Dierkes (McSween), Robert Anderson (Hill), Wally Brown (Moon ), Ainslie Pryor (Joe Grant ), Martin Garralaga (Saval), Denver Pyle (Ollinger), Paul Smith (Bell), Nestor Paiva (Maxwell), Jo Summers (Mrs. Garrett ), Robert Foulk (Brady), Anne Barton (Mrs. Hill).



Spoiler Warning:




This psychological western is an interesting take on Billy the Kid of all the portrayals done in the Hollywood films.  Kid is shown as he was: slow, illiterate, loyal to his friends and a homicidal psychopath.

The Kid starts his spree of murders with his murder of the men who, in a range war, killed his rancher boss (who had shown the young man some kindness).  Lawman Pat Garrett is set on the Kid's trail after the Kid kills one of the guests at his  (Garrett's) wedding party.

For Historical Background see the review for "Billy the Kid" (1941).




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