The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond (1960)




Director:    Budd Boetticher.

Starring:    Ray Danton (Jack "Legs" Diamond), Karen Steele (Alice Shiffer), Elaine Stewart (Monica Drake), Jesse White (Leo Bremer), Simon Oakland (Lt. Moody), Robert Lowery (Arnold Rothstein), Judson Pratt (Fats Walsh), Warren Oates (Eddie Diamond), Frank De Kova (Chairman), Gordon Jones (Sgt. Cassidy), Joseph Ruskin (Matt Moran), Dyan Cannon (Dixie), Richard Gardner (Vince Coll), Sid Melton (Little Augie), Nesdon Booth (Fence).

Portrayal of the flamboyant New York gangster and former dancer Legs Diamond. From a start as a con-man, he weasels his way into the gang of gangster Arnold Rothstein. After Rothstein's death, Legs takes over the bootlegging business, but has to fight the Mafia to prevent them from taking over.



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Historical Background:

Getting his name from his eluding the police, Legs was in Little Augie Orgen's gang and was probably killed by the Dutch Schultz mob.




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