Lenny (1974)





Director:    Bob Fosse.

Starring:    Dustin Hoffman (Lenny Bruce), Valerie Perrine (Honey Bruce), Jan Miner (Sally Marr), Stanley Beck (Artie Silver), Frankie Man (Baltimore Comic), Rashel Novikoff (Aunt Mema), Gary Morton (Sherman Hart), Guy Rennie (Jack Goldstein), Michele Yonge (Nurse), Kathryn Witt (Girl), Monroe Myers (Hawaiin Judge), John DiSanti (John Santi), Mickey Gatlin (San Francisco Policeman), Martin Begley (San Francisco Judge), Mark Harris (Defense Attorney).


The United States is very puritanical and these puritanical "virtues" are backed up by some very punitive laws.  Once upon a time, the penalties for cursing on stage was a fine or imprisonment.  Lenny Bruce, the famous comic, was a victim of these laws and he certainly was a pioneer in forging an opening for our present-day "foul-mouthed" comedians.  Valerie Perrine does well as his stripper wife Honey Harlowe.

But can you imagine shows about the ghetto or street toughs without cursing?  It would just be laughable.


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