Les Ordres  (1974)



Director:    Michel Brault.

Starring:     Hélène Loiselle (Marie Boudreau), Jean Lapointe (Clermont Boudreau), Guy Provost (Dr. Jean-Marie Beauchemin), Claude Gauthier (Richard Lavoie), Louise Forestier (Claudette Dusseault), Louise Pratte (Louise Boudreau), Martine Pratte (Martine Boudreau), Monique Pratte (Monique Boudreau), Amulette Garneau (Mrs. Thibault, The Neighbour), Louise Latraverse (Claire Beauchemin), Sophie Clément (Ginette Lavoie), Esther Auger (Esther), Claire Richard (Mrs. Vezina), J. Léo Gagnon (The Grocer), José Rettino (The Foreman).

story of five people out of the 500 rounded up in the government crackdown to get at FLQ terrorists

best director at the Cannes Film Festival in 1975, the Quebec Critics Association prize for best film, and three Canadian Film Awards, for best feature, direction and script




Historical Background:


1963  --  Georges Schoeters, Raymond Villeneuve and Gabriel Hudson established the nationalist terrorist FLQ, the Front de libération du Québec (Quebec Liberation Front) that called for Quebec independence from Canada.

1963 (October)  --  leader Schoeters was sentenced to two five-year prison terms after being convicted of terrorism.

1963-1970  --  the FLQ committed over 200 violent actions, including bombings, bank hold-ups and at least five deaths.

1963  --  Gabriel Hudson and Raymond Villeneuve were sentenced to 12 years in prison for a bombing in which Sgt. O'Neill was killed.

1969 (Feb. 13)  --  a FLQ bomb ripped through the Montreal Stock Exchange, seriously injuring twenty-seven people.

by 1970  --  twenty-three members of the FLQ were in jail.

1970 (October 5)   --  the October Crisis.  FLQ terrorists kidnapped a British diplomat and threatened to (and later did) murder a Quebec cabinet minister

1970 (October 10)  --  the Chenier Cell kidnapped the Minister of Labour and Vice-Premier of Quebec, Pierre Laporte.

1970 (October 17)  --  FLQ announced via the radio that Laporte had been murdered. 

1970 (October)  --  Prime Minister Trudeau sanctioned the War Measures Act and sent the Canadian army into Montreal. Close to 500 ordinary citizens who had no connection to the terrorists were arrested and held without charge.

1970 (late December)  --  Paul Rose and the murderers of Pierre Laporte were found and arrested.  



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