Jagiellon Dynasty (1386-1572) in Poland

Krzyzacy (Black Cross; Knights of the Teutonic Order) (1960)  --  under Ladislas II (1386-1434), defeat of the Order of Teutonic Knights of Prussia by the Polish and Lithuanians at Battle of Grunwald (1410)

Barbara Radziwillówna (Love or a Kingdom) (1936) – Sigismund II, Augustus I, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (reign 1530-1572)

Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny (An Epitaph for Barbara Radziwill) (1983) – Barbara in 1547 married Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Sigismund II August


Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1574-1795):

Zelazna reka (The Iron Hand) (1989)   -- story of right-hand warrior to Stefan Batory, ruler 1576-1586, of the noble Hungarian Báthory family; one of the greatest elected Kings of Poland

1612: Khroniki smutnogo vremeni (aka 1612) (2007) – Russian film set in the Time of Troubles and the Polish-Muscovite War (1605-1618) (under Polish King Sigismund III (1587-1632))

Taras Bulba (1962) -- fictional character; Cossack life in the Ukraine, once part of Poland

The Rebel Son (aka The Barbarian and the Lady or The Rebel Son of Taras Bulba) (1938)  – earlier fictional film of the Taras Bulba story

Ogniem i mieczem (With Fire and Sword) (1961) Cossacks vs. Poles; first part of a trilogy set in mid-17th century (1648-1649); under Ladislas IV (1632-1648) & John II Casimir (1648-1668)

Potop (The Deluge) (1975) --  second part of the trilogy; Swedish army invades Poland and a warrior fights for the heart of Olenka; lasted 1665-1660 under John II Casimir

Pan Wolodyjowski (Colonel Wolodyjowski)  --  third  part of the trilogy; Turkish invasion of Poland; (1668-1670) under Polish Kings John II Casimir (1648-1668) and Michael I (1669-1673)

August der Starke (King August the Strong) (1936) – King August II The Strong (1697-1733) Polish monarch, abdicated 1706, king again 1709

Virtuti Militari (1995)  --  the history of Poland's "Virtuti Militari" medal, awarded for bravery since the Polish-Russian war of 1792



Ghetto (2006) – saving the lives of Jews and others in Vilna, Lithuania in 1942


Soviet Domination:

Vienui Vieni (Utterly Alone) (2003)  --  1950-1951, Jonas Vaitkus fights against the Soviet occupation of Lithuania




Kolme katku vahel (1970) – Livonian War, 1558–1583, where Russia tried to take Livonia (today’s Estonia a& Latvia) and was opposed by varying Allies


Der Fangschuß (aka Coup de grâce) (1976)  --  1919, at end of Russian civil war, Latvia;  a countess' unrequited love for an army officer leads to promiscuity and disaster

Rigas sargi (Defenders of Riga) (2007)  --  1919 fight for Latvian independence

Dolgaya doroga v dyunakh (1980)  --  love story set in Latvia around the time Latvia was overtaken by the Soviets




Kolme katku vahel (1970) – Livonian War, 1558–1583, where Russia tried to take Livonia (today’s Estonia a& Latvia) and was opposed by varying Allies


Tants aurukatla ümber (1987)  --  life in 20th century Estonia by monitoring a steam boiler

Detsembrikuumus (December Heat) (2008)  --  December 1924 attempted Communist Coup in Estonia

Äratus (The Awakening) (1989) – 1949 March deportation of Estonian people to Siberia by Soviet Secret Police