MacArthur (1977)




Director:     Joseph Sargent.

Starring:      Gregory Peck (Gen. Douglas MacArthur), Ivan Bonar (Lt. Gen. Richard K. Sutherland), Ward Costello (Gen. George C. Marshall), Nicolas Coster (Colonel Sidney Huff - MacArthur's aide), Marj Dusay (Mrs. Jean MacArthur), Ed Flanders (President Harry S. Truman), Art Fleming (The Secretary), Russell Johnson (Adm. Ernest J. King), Sandy Kenyon (Maj. Gen. / Lt. Gen. Jonathan M. Wainwright), Robert Mandan (Rep. Martin), Allan Miller (Col. Legrande A. Diller), Dan O'Herlihy (President Franklin D. Roosevelt), Dick O'Neill (Col. Courtney Whitney, Intelligence Officer), Addison Powell (Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz), Tom Rosqui (Gen. Sampson).

 Gen. MacArthur (Gregory Peck) of "I shall return" fame in the Philippines and his firing from his command in the Korean War by President Truman.  



Spoiler Warning:





Historical Background:

1880  -- born Douglas MacArthur in Little Rock, Arkansas, son of General Arthur MacArthur, a hero of the American Civil War and later military governor of the Philippines.

1903 --  graduates with highest honors from West Point as an engineer officer.

Tours Asia as his father's aide; aide to President Theodore Roosevelt; and becomes the army's first public relations officer.

WWI  --  MacArthur becomes a general and wins numerous honors for his heroism and  for his leadership of the 42nd (Rainbow) Division.

1919-1922  --  superintendent of West Point; revitalizes the military academy.

Given command of the Philippine Department.

1930  --  becomes army chief of staff in.

Great Depression  --  uses brutal force to drive disgruntled veterans, known as the Bonus Army, from Washington, D.C. and is roundly criticized.

1935 --  MacArthur steps down as army chief of staff to serve as chief military advisor to the Philippine government.

1941  -- is called to active duty to command American troops in the Philippines. Tries to stop the Japanese attack on the beach, but fails miserably. FDR orders him to leave the Philippines.

1942  -- Philippines surrender to the invading Japanese. MacArthur is forced to share the Pacific command with Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. He is, however, supreme commander of the Southwest Pacific, and as such, MacArthur leads a combined American and Australian force in a series of brilliant victories that retake the islands seized by Japan at the beginning of the war.

1944-1945  --  the re-conquest of the Philippines (October 1944-July 1945); MacArthur is promoted to the rank of General of the Army.

1945, Sept. 2  -- as supreme commander for the Allied powers, he accepts the surrender of Japan; put in charge of Allied occupation of Japan.

1950, June -- Korean War beings.  MacArthur becomes the UN commander. By September he leads an offensive; daring amphibious landing at Inchon; drives the North Koreans out of South Korea; brings the Chinese into the war by nearly reaching the China/North Korea border. MacArthur wants to use nuclear weapons and criticizes the policies of President Harry S. Truman .

1951, April --  Truman relieves him of his command.

MacArthur returns home to a ticker-tape parade in NYC. He is not popular enough to win the Republican nomination for the presidency and retires.  Serves as chairman of the board of the Remington Rand Corporation.

1964 --  dies in Washington, D.C.


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