The Manchurian Candidate (1962)





Director:     John Frankenheimer

Starring:     Frank Sinatra (Major Bennett Marco), Laurence Harvey (Raymond Shaw), Janet Leigh (Eugenie Rose Chaney), Angela Lansbury (Mrs. Eleanor Shaw Iselin), Henry Silva (Chunjin), James Gregory (Senator John Yerkes Iselin), Leslie Parrish (Jocelyn Jordan), John McGiver (Senator Thomas Jordan), Khigh Dhiegh (Dr. Yen Lo), James Edwards (Corporal Allen Melvin), Douglas Henderson (Colonel Milt), Albert Paulsen (Zilkov), Barry Kelley (Secretary of Defense), Lloyd Corrigan (Holborn Gaines), Madame Spivy (Female Berezovo).



I did not care for this movie.  It just smacks too much of the McCarthy era fever that held that the communists could "brainwash" people so successfully that they could become robot-like. I am not a knee-jerk liberal, but this movie is just too right-wing and just plain wrong.

Patrick Louis Cooney, Ph. D.




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