Les Otages (The Mayor's Dilemma)  (1939)




Director:     .

Starring:     Annie Vernay (Annie Beaumont), Saturnin Fabre (Rossignol, le ch‚telain), Fernand Charpin (Beaumont, le maire), Dorville (Rodillar, le braconnier), Pierre Larquey (Fabien, l'huissier), Pierre Labry (Rameau, le coiffeur), NoŽl Roquevert (Le garde-champÍtre), Palmyre Levasseur (Mme Rossignol), Georges Douking (Brazoux), A.S. Takal, Mady Berry (Maria), Jean P‚qui (Pierre Rossignol), Marguerite Pierry (Madame Fabien), Florian (Le gendarme).

a German officer in a Nazi-occupied tiny French village is killed; five villager are ordered to be shot if the murderer or murderers don't come forward



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